Rice farmers receive various assistance during the agricultural program aimed at improving the quality of rice. The national government has enacted the Rice Tariffication Law.

The city of Maasin has a total area of 863 hectares, where 564 hectares are allocated for rice farms, supplied with water through an irrigation system. The remaining 299 hectares depend on rain and therefore cannot be planted yet.
Maasin farmers received 800 bags of rice seeds for farmers. Out of 800 bags of seeds, 50 bags remain to be distributed.

In addition to free seed distribution, RCEP provides support to farm mechanization. The loan component is the Land Bank of the Philippines, and the training component is the Visayas state University.

The land Bank of the Philippines LBP issued loans of P15,000 for each farmer to 145 rice farmers. Credit without interest for up to 8 years, has a grace period of 6 months during which farmers do not make payments.
LBP will continue to issue loans to farmers with a grace period in 2020.


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