Today, traders expect a continued fall in PESO. On Wednesday, PESO lost 15.5 centavos and by the end of the day was worth P50.92 per dollar.
The situation was also affected by a decrease in sales of dollars, on Wednesday 930.6 million and 953.9 million on Tuesday.

Most analysts also predict that the monetary board will lower rates on Thursday due to the risk of inflation.
To date, the peso playing around the P50.75-P51 range, while the trader expects the peso to be in the P50.80-P51 range.

The BSP Governor said that in 2020 he plans to reduce rates by 50 basis points, and plans to reduce by 25 bps in 1 quarter. The next meeting of the BSP Monetary Committee will take place on March 19.

Meanwhile, in January inflation rose to 2.9%, which is higher than the December indicator by 0.4% (in December 2.5%). Rising prices for all types of goods and utilities. Over the past 8 months, PESO was the fastest print.

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