The Manila Electric Co. the reported reduction in the electricity tariff will decrease by 0.59 p. h. / kWh for most homes that consume 200 kilowatt-hours.

TYPICAL HOUSEHOLDS in February can get a nice bonus in the form of a reduction in monthly bills. The decrease in cost is due to the conclusion of new deals on electricity supply.

The tariff is lower than 10 years ago, despite the fact that inflation is constantly growing. February 2010 the tariff was 9.0331 PT / kWh, and February 2020 8.8623 / kWh.

For homes that use 500 kWh, 300 kWh and 400 kWh, the reduction in their monthly energy bills will be P295, P177 and P236, respectively.
The reduction of the generation fee allowed reducing the tariff after the agreements on electricity supplies on December 26, 2019.
The deals were concluded during a competitive selection process conducted by the Department of energy. The deals were then approved by the energy regulatory Commission.

Rates usually rise in February due to “price normalization after reconciliation of shutdown quotas, as it was in the previous five years.”
According to MERALCO, the competitive selection process has reduced the cost of generating electricity by 0.3949 PP.

The new agreement with San Miguel Energy Corp., AC Energy, Inc. and South Premiere Power Corp. about base load deliveries reduced the cost of generation to P4, 0372 / kWh. Under the agreement, 21% of Meralco’s needs are met.

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