The outbreak of coronavirus in China tends to decrease, but now COVID-19 has burst out of China.
The country most affected by the virus is South Korea, about 900 infected, 18 dead. In second place, Italy – about 230 infected, 7 dead.

The outbreak of the virus in Italy was a big surprise, because the country traditionally does not have close contacts with China. Here’s how it happened:
The virus peddler, a 38-year-old Italian, was infected during dinner with a colleague who came from China (the colleague’s tests for the virus were negative). Unaware of his condition, he managed to do as much in the incubation period as others did not have time in the years of his life – to participate in a collective race, play a football tournament, sit in a bar with friends more than once, and, of course, infect his wife , who, in turn, being pregnant, attended a preparation course for childbirth.

It turns out that some people have immunity to COVID-19 and they can be carriers of infection. The economy continues to respond to COVID-19. Sea freight decreased by 40%, which means job loss for OFW employed in this sector of the economy. Also, some industrial giants have suspended work. such as Nissan, due to interruptions in the supply of spare parts. Which again negatively affects workers employed in these industries.

But do not be upset, any problems bring new opportunities!
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