MANILA, Philippines – UnionBank, in connection with the difficult situation caused by the coronavirus, provides services to the population using a mobile banking kiosk. The kiosk on wheels is equipped with 5G communication and is installed in various areas of the country. The main objective is to make banking services available, as well as help prevent the spread of COVID-.
“Bank on Wheels” is a bank kiosk that provides convenient banking services: withdrawing funds, balance requests, payment of bills, opening an account and transferring money.
Thanks to 5G technology, a bank can use the Internet 20 times faster than other networks. Banking services are not only becoming faster, but also more secure thanks to a new method of data transfer.
In the coming days, the van will serve these areas: Eastwood, Libertad Mandaluyong Branch, and Makati Avenue, as well as branches of the Commonwealth and New Guloda on the issue of a GSIS pension in these two branches by the end of the week.


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