On Monday, February 3, the People’s Bank of China put out 400 billion yuan by repurchasing shares in the stock market. Recall that on Monday, more than 2,000 shares fell 10%. As a result, today – February 4, the Shanghai Composite grew by 1.3%.
Also, the rates on the stock markets of Australia, Japan and South Koreaalso gradually increased:

  • Nikkei 225 added 0.6%
  • Kospi jumped 2%
  • S & P ASX / 200 up 0.4%.

The market is still in a fever of news about the spread of coronavirus. Some plants are closed, most flights of air communications and rail transportation are canceled.
Due to lower interest rates of central banks, economists and investors expected more economic growth in China than last year. However, the coronavirus crossed out their hopes.


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