BANGKOK. The week started with new losses for Asian stocks. The reason was an increase in the number of people infected with the coronavirus. The virus has led to the termination of travel and business contacts in many countries around the world.
Although stocks in Australia rose slightly after the government promised to step up the fight against the recession. However, the shares on the other ranks continued to decline:
• Japan’s landmark -4%,
• us futures – 1%,
• the Shanghai Composite index 1.6 million%
• Kospi in South Korea -2.3%
• Hang Seng in Hong Kong -1.8%
• oil prices were also lower.
This decline naturally followed a 3% decline on wall street on Friday.

Australia’s S & P / ASX 200 gained 2.3% as the government prepared to announce new economic support measures for businesses.
The push for financial assistance has become urgent as the outbreak has expanded. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of cases in the United States has exceeded the number of cases in China and Italy, with more than 142,000 known cases.
The total number worldwide exceeded 721,000, and the death toll rose to almost 34,000, while more than 151,000 recovered.


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