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A Short Guide to Teachers Loan

Financial assistance to any teacher from a public or private school working in the Philippines is available in the form of teachers loan Salary delays can dry up the savings of a teacher and raise financial requirements from time to time.

What is teachers loan?

A teachers loan is a salary advance offered by banks/ financial institutions, allowing them to cover their monthly expenses in the city if their salary is delayed. If you live in a city like Manila, this financial aid prevents any negative impact on your wealth or savings by covering for your monthly money requirements.

Avail of our teachers’ salary advance

Any teacher from public or private school can apply for a teachers loan. You’ll have to submit a form for this advance payout along with additional papers, such as your payslip, service records, etc.

What are the requirements?

If you are a school teacher in Manila and want to apply for a teachers loan for at the bank, you will need a united package of documents.

  • Application form
  • Original payslips
  • Certificates proving your service record
  • Certificate from principal
  • Appointment record
  • At least two valid PRC id cards
  • Community tax record

What is the new teachers loan application process?

At first under the new application process, start by checking the requirements of every bank, including monthly income, age, employment status, forgiveness guidelines, and lending terms for a teachers loan.

Start collecting all the certificates for teacher salary advance, including your DepED ID, savings or wealth documents, any specific document required by Citysavings, AMA, EastWest, LANDBANK or any other bank in Manila city.

Visit local CitySavings, AMA bank, EastWest, LANDBANK or any other Philippines bank of your choice for the credit advance. The united package includes a questionnaire along with other supporting documents for evaluation. The institution may consider your wealth or savings in the evaluation. Also, consider the interest table and other terms, such as forgiveness while choosing a lender.

Once you qualify for a teachers loan, send your application along with other certificates to your city DepEd Verifier. You may have to provide a hard copy of documents to your city head or DepEd verifier.

After the DepEd verifier approves and sends confirmation for your application, visit CitySavings, AMA, or EastWest bank branch of your choice and apply for a teachers loan. You may choose a lender with favorable forgiveness terms or interest rate table.

How long is the new application process?

The timeline for the application process for this cash advance will depend on how soon the verification is done by DepEd. First, different banks have other deadlines, and it will take from a week to 10 days to get all the papers in line and approved. Banks disburse funds within 3-4 days of receiving your documents. Some banks even offer same-day disbursement.

Are there any hidden charges?

If you are a teacher in Manila city applying for a teachers loan, you may have to pay some additional charges, not hidden, such as service fee and administrative expenses, or forgiveness application fee, for the cash advance.

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