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What is student loan in the Philippines?
After you finish your high school, you most likely required to proceed with your learning and get a master’s or specialist degree. Your personal financial condition should not adversely affect the possibility of further education. And the investment in your higher education is likely to pay off many times.

Various statistics have shown that people with higher education have higher average salaries and they can work international. There are many education credit programs that can help you financially and allow you to focus on your studies.

Students need to give a certificate confirming the fact of his education at a domestic institute or university, to get an education credit on specific requirements, . You can receive this document instantly at the college.


However, almost all trust organizations require the following steps to get a credit in the Philippines


Here is what you need to do:

  • Fill out the application correctly
  • Pass an extract from your school
  • Prove that you will pay Student loan debt in time


Benefits of Student loan of financial institutions in the Philippines


The learning lend gives many profits, like this:

  • the cheap interest of creditors;
  • the opportunity of quick repayment;
  • there are no stringent penalties in case of a slight delay in repaying a Student loan;
  • a comprehensive selection of trust with different conditions;
  • a personal approach to every borrower at a regional university.

Philippine banks willingly give learners means money for a home, study, and one-time requirements. And local banks have a better level of support than private banks.


Student Loan program is covered by the domestic government


DBP (Philippines bank ) allocated about 2 billion pounds to educational institutions, which will give Student loan to whom need it and it confirmed by BDO. Institutions are required to select potentially successful learners. And they can cover their expenses related to education with a Student loan. This international Student loan program is approved by the government. Depending on your education place, you further also use other bank programs.


What kinds of education loans are available in the Philippines?


There is plenty of reasons where Student loan is not available to all. There are other types of federal means for learners – this is an opportunity to obtain scholarships or other state educational programs. If you think a Students loan is right for you, local banks have a various number of options available to private lenders. Most of the bank programs like SSS are different for learners created by different educational institutions, such as FEU, JRU, LPU vs Mapua and you can compare finance requirements for Student loan confirmed by BDO. Anyway, local credit programs will be better for ph citizens than abroad programs.

The maximum loan amount for SSS members currently stands at 15,000 PHP every semester (trimester), and loan repayment will only start a year after graduation. But the important point here is your monthly income, which should be approximately 20,000 pesos.

Since 2019, the CHED program began working with DBP, under which students can apply for a Student loan – 0% APR provided that the loan is repaid by the end of the semester and at 6% if the loan is repaid over more than 1 semester.

DBP Student loan
DBP Student loan
PHP 10000 – 1000000
6 – 24 months
Interest rate
0% – 6% per annum

Deferred Students loans are provided by finance organization InvestEd. However, only students of the final or pre-final years of high school may use this loan.


Up to 100 000 PHP
Up 48 months

Interest rate
2.25% – 2.92% per month

Bukas offers Student loans at one of Bukas partner schools (EAC, FEU, JRU, LPU, Mapua, NTC and OLFU). The maximum loan amount may correspond to the full cost of training with an interest rate of 1.5% – 2% per month.


Up to 100 000 PHP
Up 12 months

Interest rate
1.5% – 2% per month
BPI Student loan
Maximum amount: 2 000 000 PHP
Up to 3 years
Interest rate
2.14% per month
BDO Student loan
Minimum amount: 10 000 PHP
Up to 3 years
Interest rate
1,3% per month
SSS Educational loan
Maximum amount: 15 000 PHP
Up to 2 years
Interest rate
6% per annum


How do I get a national Student loan?


In order to receive learner credit in the Philippines, most trust organizations and banks require the following:

  • You must have your own or rented housing. Statistics show that those who own their own homes are more likely to receive trust authorization than those who rent an apartment;
  • The learner should not have claims on extra loans, both in the Philippines and abroad and it cannot make forgiveness by finance institute;
  • Must live in the Philippines for at smallest twelve months;
  • Most banks want a learner to be a conventional customer of a particular group and have their personal account there.

All finance conditions need to be documented in the letter and you should pay the debt on time. You will give them to a representative of a financial organization and quickly get cash after approving. It will further improve the learner’s chances of a Student loan if he has a document of constant or irregular earnings above the sustenance level in 30 000 pesos. In addition, to confirm the Student loan, it is acceptable to have a stable place of work, in this situation, the learner needs to provide the financial institution with a document in which he consolidates education with work.


The process of choosing a credit in the Philippines


The number of applications for education loans in the Ph exceeds the volume of capital allocated by the financial authority for these needs. Therefore, representatives of the credit union make a selection and select only suitable learners. As a rule, these are students who studied well at school or achieved some results in any of the industries

The state can sponsor the best learners and allocate money for education to them. Therefore, before to apply for a Student loan, you maybe can get any financial scholarship from the state, which would be even better than the option with a Student loan in the Philippines.


Application Procedure for receiving a Student loan


The steps to get cash with a Student loan can vary greatly depending on the bank program and the university. Some financial companies offer to conduct a personal interview and verification with a credit officer for a final assessment. After that, the client can immediately find out a Student loan decision.

The most important thing is to fill out the questionnaire correctly and completely. As a rule, you should also take an extract from your school. For example, the SSS program requires confirmation that your family’s monthly income is 25,000 PHP or less. Due to the current differences in lending conditions, it is better to obtain information on each program separately.


How to get a Student loan with a bad credit history


What to do if you suddenly have a bad reputation and you cannot get forgiveness? There are ways to solve this problem. A poor credit rating can complicate the process. But all this can be solved. The solutions are as follows:

1. The bank can give you a credit with a higher interest rate to reduce its risks.

2. You can ask your close relatives or friends to vouch for you at the moment you take out education credits in the Philippines.

3. You can apply for a personal credit, not a Student loan, and compare which option is more beneficial for you.

You can send the letter to banks and ask them about a variety of credit options.


The Student loan will support you in the long term


At a prime glimpse, a Student loan may look like a quick solution to support learning. But it is also a great advantage for them in the future.

First of all, it will help you build your personal credit rating. Whereby? If you settle your dues on time, you build a clear credit history, which possesses a good trust rating. This suggests receiving a credit account or other financial product in the future may be more comfortable, given your good trust history.

Secondly, he shows you how financial products serve in true life. Now it can be scary and unknown, but your activity will positively give you trust in the future when you will need to receive another credit or when you will need for different financial products.

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