The Main page shows the top 8 banks according to the user rating. To view all banks, go to the Companies tab in the top menu and select Banks.

Our service provides information about all the leading financial institutions in the Philippines. Upfinance does not issue loans, credit cards and does not accept money for deposits.

The loan calculator is always on the page of the financial institution to which you went in search of a loan. The interest rate is set automatically for the lowest interest rate for using the loan. If the Bank has several types of credits, you will not be able to change the interest rate yourself.
You enter the loan amount in the cell and select the loan term, and the calculator will give you the total loan amount and monthly payment.

You need to select the Home loans section in the top menu, in the Loans tab. On the page that opens, you will see all the financial institutions in the Philippines that provide this loan.
How to choose an unsecured loan for 1 year? What type of loan should I choose?
You can use the loan type-Personal loans to find a loan no collateral for 1 year. You can also find a suitable offer in the Loan Online section.

Each company that appears on the page has a block of information. It includes:
• Interest rate
• Approval duration
* Loan tenure
This brief presentation of information on a single page will help you find the right financial institution faster.