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Uploan requires that your employer be accredited to their system. They follow a more strict process, since payments will be linked to your salary (deduction from salary). They offer a large loan amount.

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Level 10-1, One Global Place, 5th Ave. Cor. 25th St., BGC, Taguig, Philippines, 1632
0999 228 3308, support@uploan.ph
Interest rate per day 0.5% - 0.5%
Loan tenure from 10 to 1080 days
Approval duration Up to 24 hours

“A new way to advance financial well-being in the workplace” – this is the motto of the company UpLoan. It offers to draw up loans on favorable terms. This attracts many customers. What are the advantages of the service? What are the conditions for processing and returning loans?

About company

UpLoan is a financial company operating in the Philippines. Its work is aimed at providing loans. Clients participating in salary programs are offered favorable conditions. Most services are the provision of salary loans. There are various insurance programs. They meet the financial needs of customers. 
The company states that its goal is to make a loan available and affordable for any hard-working employee. Its mission is to formulate cost-effective and convenient financial solutions. Over the years, the company managed to help improve the financial situation of more than 10 million clients. 

UpLoan has more than 300 partner companies. 

Salary loan

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Interest Rates:  15% per month
Minimum loan amount: 2 000 PHP
Maximum initial loan amount: Maximum initial credit is the same as the employee’s one (1) month salary
Payment terms: 1-36 months
Approval time: up to 24 hours

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Borrower requirements

Eligibility: If you’re already a partner of Uploan, you can sign up as a Borrower on our website to apply for a salary loan.
– Latest 1-month payslip
– One (1) Government ID with 3 proof signatures
– Company ID (Front & Back copy)


Loan Calculator

Monthly payment
₱ 888.49
Total overpayment
₱ 661.85
₱ 10661.85

How to get a loan in the company?

To get a loan, you need to submit a relevant application. If you are already a client of the company, you can register on the site as a borrower. 

Then you should prepare the necessary documents and wait for the call from the bank employee, who will confirm that your application has been approved. 

Another offer is a salary advance. This service is providing a loan against salary payments. It allows employees to quickly get money to solve short-term financial problems. In this case, the interest rate on the loan is 0. The maturity of such a loan is 1 month. 

The advantages of the service

Many customers use the facilities of this service. It has a number of advantages. 

  1. The lowest interest rate is only 0.5%. This is an affordable loan option for almost everyone. 
  2. Approval within 24 hours. After that, the money goes into your account. 
  3. Repayment from the salary card. If you get a salary on the UpLoan card, then you do not need to specifically go somewhere to pay for the loan. As soon as the salary goes to the account, the amount of your debt will automatically be written off. 
  4. High quality service. UpLoan employees provide quality customer service so that they feel comfortable contacting the bank. Most of them come back in difficult times. 

The benefits of this company

Many advise to choose this company because of reasonable conditions and requirements for loan processing. In order to draw up a loan, the client only needs to provide a payment sheet indicating the salary paid for the last month, an identity card, and confirmation of official employment. 

Depending on the client’s creditworthiness, he is given up to 36 months to repay the loan. It is often possible to face a situation where the initial loan coincides with an employee’s salary for one month. 

If the client already has a valid outstanding loan, he can submit an application for the next one only after 80% of the previous loan has been repaid. 

Among the company’s advantages, which distinguish it from its competitors, is the adherence to three basic tenets. These proposals will be of interest to employers who may become potential partners of the bank. By accruing salaries through the company’s accounts, they will provide their employees with access to bank products.

  1. Financial education. Employers will be told and taught how to accustom employees to correct and competent financial habits. 
  2. Customers are guaranteed financial protection (employee satisfaction is increasing, their working conditions are improving). 
  3. Financial security contributes to productivity growth, which affects the company’s success. 

In the bank you can draw up insurance against unforeseen risks. You can insure your life, health, protect yourself from accidents. Protect yourself if you become disabled as a result of illness or injury. 

Courses to eliminate financial illiteracy are organized. 

3 steps to get a loan

To make a loan, the employee is enough to follow the algorithm, which consists of three points. 

  1. Create an account. Click on the “Employee Login” tab on the bank website. Provide the necessary information to register an account. 
  2. Submit an application. When you make a request on the loan you need, attach the necessary documents to apply for the loan. 
  3. Wait for a call from the operator. The bank specialist UpLoan will call the client to report the approval of the application. Funds will be credited to your account. It will take no more than 24 hours.

If the client still has questions, he can always contact the bank employees by email or phone (multichannel support service is available). 

How to return a loan?

You can repay the loan in one of the branches of the bank UpLoan. If you make a salary advance, you don’t even have to go anywhere. At the time you receive another salary, the amount you borrowed from the bank will be automatically debited. 

Please note that when you apply for a salary advance, you must return the money within one month. 

Offline offices of the company

The company’s head office, where customers can turn for help, is located at Level 10-1, One Global Plase, 5th Ave. Cor. 25th St, BGC, Taguig, Philippines, 1632.

Product Features

Min. financing amount ₱2000
Max. financing amount Up to ₱100000
Min. loan tenure 10 days
Max. loan tenure 1080 days
Interest rate per day 0.5% - 0.5%
Approval duration Up to 24 hours
Debt consolidation Yes

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM 10 days 11 days 12 days 13 days 1080 days
LOAN AMOUNT ₱50000 ₱50000 ₱50000 ₱50000 ₱50000
FEE PER DAY 0.5% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%
INTEREST AMOUNT ₱2500 ₱2750 ₱3000 ₱3250 ₱270000
TOTAL REPAYMENT ₱52500 ₱52750 ₱53000 ₱53250 ₱320000

Fees & Charges

One time setup
Processing fee N/A
Stamp duty N/A
Disbursement & misc. fee N/A
Annual fee N/A
Other fees N/A
Early settlement no information
Late payment charges no information
Other penalties no information

Other Requirements

Need to open linked banked account? Yes
Other details -


To apply for a Salary loan, you must be our partner. You can then register as a Borrower on our website and submit your application along with the scanned documents.

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You can apply for 2 loans as soon as you pay off 80% of your existing loan.

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The longest loan period is 36 months.

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The maximum loan amount depends on your income and loan term. According to Philippine law, paying a loan cannot exceed 30% of income.

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Address Level 10-1, One Global Place, 5th Ave. Cor. 25th St., BGC, Taguig, Philippines, 1632
Phone number 0999 228 3308
E-mail support@uploan.ph
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