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The Company was able to create a name in the insurance industry as a dependable provider of various non-life insurance coverages. It was able to withstand the pecuniary effects of the huge losses brought about by natural causes that struck our country thru the settlement of legitimate claims fi¬led with the Company. In line with […]

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Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc.
17th floor, Security Bank Centre, 6776, Ayala Ave, Makati, 1224 Metro Manila, Philippines
(632) 8891-1329 to 37 Fax: (632) 891-1181,

The Company was able to create a name in the insurance industry as a dependable provider of various non-life insurance coverages. It was able to withstand the pecuniary effects of the huge losses brought about by natural causes that struck our country thru the settlement of legitimate claims fi¬led with the Company. In line with our Commitment of making our products and services easily available to the ever growing number of clienteles and stakeholders in various places of the country, we have put up a vast network of Regional/Branch offices strategically located in key cities of the Philippines.
Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc. takes pride of its accomplishment to where it is now by being a financially stable entity. Proof of this is the steady growth of its net worth over the years of its operations. Stronghold Insurance’s Paid Up Capital as of December 31, 1980 was Php 4 million. This grew by leaps and bounds to about Php 700 million as of December 31, 2018 and is expected to increase to Php 1 billion by 2019.




Stronghold Insurance, your Surety Company, offers a diverse type of bonds that caters to the surety or bonding requirements in favor of private or government entities whether it be for Individual, Single Proprietor, Corporation, Non-Government Organization and Cooperatives.
There are three parties to the Contract of Suretyship:

  • 1.) The Surety Company which provides and guarantees on behalf of another party the performance of an obligation.
  • 2.) The Principal in whose behalf the guaranty is executed or the bond is issued for the performance of an obligation in favor of the third party.
  • 3.) The Obligee, where the Company undertakes to indemnify for whatever loss he might suffer if the Principal fails to comply with his contractual obligations.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

An insurance coverage that is being required by some Local Government Units (LGUs) before the issuance of a Business Permit or before granting the necessary license to operate a business by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is the Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) Insurance.
The Policy affords protection: against financial and legal liabilities that may be incurred for damages to another party’s property (property damage liability) or injury to another person (bodily injury liability) arising from its business operation.
Aside from the basic Premises Operations coverage, it also includes insurance protection against certain risks such as Elevator Hazard, Independent Contractor’s Hazards, Product Hazards and Contractual Hazard.

Property Floater Insurance

Proprietors of Industrial Firms, Construction Firms, including Real Estate Developers and similar establishments, need insurance coverage on their fixed or movable heavy equipment like cranes, pay loaders, cargo handling equipment, backhoe, graders, forklifts, bulldozers, generator set and similar apparatus. Damages sustained on the properties covered due to any of the perils insured against can be compensated through a Property Floater Insurance.
Our Property Floater Insurance policy provides protection against special types of risks which include direct physical loss or damage from external causes such as fire, theft, overturning, collision and malicious damage to these types of properties.

Contractor’s All Risks Insurance

A builder/contractor needs insurance protection on the project he is working on during the construction period due to losses against unforeseen perils such as fire, earthquake, flood and other acts of nature including lack of skills, negligence or human error. With no insurance coverage in place, the continuation of the project may be put in jeopardy due to shortage of financial resources to restore the damaged portions.
Good thing Stronghold Insurance offers the Contractor’s All Risks Insurance Policy that provides insurance protection to the builder/contractor on the project he is working on, (i.e) residential condominium, office, school, hospital, theatre, factory, and powerplant buildings, road, bridge, pier, flood control, irrigation, dam, water supply and drainage. This will relieve him of worries that the project might suffer due to material damage because he will be able to claim for the losses sustained against any of the insured perils.

Marine Insurance

Businessmen rely on the transportation industry to move their finished and unfinished goods either via land, sea and air to their respective destinations. What if during the time that the cargo being transported is damaged or lost due to perils of the sea, or because of robbery or the vehicle overturn, or on account of other perils?
Stronghold Insurance provides insurance protection to the goods being transported. The owner can recover the losses sustained by the cargo in accordance with the terms and conditions provided in the policy. We also offer Marine Hull Insurance covering covering the ship or vessel’s machinery and equipment.
Let us therefore protect your cargo and the vessel from perils of the sea and other contingencies to ensure that your business and the allied services run smoothly as ever.

Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents do happen. And when it does, there should be an insurance protection in place to help defray expenses that may be incurred in case there is a need for medical attention.
Let your financial worries be taken care of by Stronghold Insurance’s Personal Accident Policy. The coverage includes accidental death, permanent disablement, temporary, total/partial disablement and dismemberment with an option to include Unprovoked Murder and Assault coverage.
Our Personal Accident Policy is available for individual or groups such as family, students, passengers and employees/workers of establishments.

Fire Insurance

Imagine that your house where you and your family lives or the business that you have put up through the years will be gone in an instant due to fire. With no insurance protection against fire, the loss will put you in financial distress. Do not let this situation happen to you.
When you secure a Fire and/or Lightning insurance coverage from Stronghold Insurance, we will help you get back on your feet again when the misfortune happens. Our Company will pay for the losses sustained by the property insured due to fire up to the maximum amount of coverage indicated in the policy.
The coverage can include loss or damage due to earthquake, typhoon, flood and extended coverage.

Motor Car Insurance

Your car is one of your most cherished possessions. You invest so much money in it to the extent of securing a mortgage loan for you to buy it. You always want it to be in good condition since you use the car for leisure or for business or when going to the office and back home.
For your peace of mind, Stronghold Insurance offers you our Motor Car Insurance Policy to indemnify losses on account of theft or physical damage sustained by your vehicle due to traffic accident or malicious damage by a third party. The coverage can also be extended to include legal liability against accident to third party arising out of the use of your vehicle resulting to property damage or bodily injury/death.
Our motor car insurance provides coverage to Private Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Motor Trade or Motorcycle Policies.


Full company name Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc.
Address 17th floor, Security Bank Centre, 6776, Ayala Ave, Makati, 1224 Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone number (632) 8891-1329 to 37 Fax: (632) 891-1181
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