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  BPI history   1978 – Housing Mutual Fund (HDMF) was formed to finance the purchase of houses for Filipino workers. 2 agencies ran HDMF: SSS, CSIS. 1979 – funds from 2 services were united into 1 fund. The work on the merger went on and a new foundation named Pag IBIG, as a result […]

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Petron Mega Plaza # 358 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City
Interest rate p.m. 0.41% - 1%
Loan tenure from 12 to 360 months
Approval duration Up to 48 hours
Min. monthly income

Head Office

Petron Mega Plaza # 358 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City

Product Features

Min. financing amount ₱ 10000
Max.financing amount ₱ 1000000
Min. loan tenure 12 months
Max. loan tenure 360 months


Housing loan

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Available for OFW!
Interest rates: 

years 1 3 5 10 15 25 30
fixed rates APR 4.985% 5.375% 7.27% 8.035% 8.585% 9.05% 10%

Minimum loan amount: 450 000 PHP
Maximum loan amount: Up to 6 000 000 PHP
Payment terms: Up to 30 years
Approval time: 17 banking days
Borrower will be given 90 calendar days

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Camality Loan

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The Pag-IBIG Fund Calamity Loan is a cash loan facility to assist Pag-IBIG Fund members who reside in areas declared under a state of calamity and are affected by such disasters.
Interest Rates: 5,95% per annum
Payment terms: Up to 24 months
Approval time: within 2 banking days

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Multi-purpose loan

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Interest Rates: 10,5% per annum
Maximum loan amount: Up to 80% of their Pag-IBIG Regular Savings
Payment terms: Up to 24 months
Approval time: within 2 banking days

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Loan Calculator

Monthly payment
₱ 888.49
Total overpayment
₱ 661.85
₱ 10661.85

Borrower Requirements

– At least 21 years old at the time of application but not more than
– Not more than 65 years old at the date of loan application and is not more than 70 years old at the date of loan maturity
Proof of income:
For Locally Employed, any of the following:
– Notarized Certificate of Employment and Compensation (CEC)
indicating the gross monthly income and monthly allowances or monthly monetary benefits received by the employee
– Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) for the year immediately preceding the date of loan application
with attached BIR Form No. 2316, stamped received by the BIR
– Certified One (1) Month Payslip, within the last three (3) months prior to date of loan application
– NOTE: For government employees, the Certified One (1) Month Payslip
within the last three (3) months prior to date of loan application, must be submitted together with CEC or ITR.
For Self Employed, any of the following Proof/s of Income:
– TR, Audited Financial Statements, and Official Receipt of tax payment from bank supported with DTI Registration and Mayor’s – – – Permit/Business Permit
– Commission Vouchers reflecting the issuer’s name and contact details (for the last 12 months)
– Bank Statements or passbook for the last 12 months (in case income is sourced from foreign remittances, pensions, etc.)
– Copy of Lease Contract and Tax Declaration (if income is derived from rental payments)
– Certified True Copy of Transport Franchise issued by appropriate government agency (LGU for tricycles, LTFRB for other PUVs)
– Certificate of Engagement issued by owner of business
– Other document that would validate source of income
For Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), any of the following:
– Employment Contract
– Certificate of Employment and Compensation (CEC)
– Income Tax Return filed with Host Country/Government
– NOTE: If documents are in foreign language/s, English translation is required.


The longest loan period is 30 years.

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Since this type of loan is associated with large amounts of money and a large volume of documents, the term for making a decision by the Bank depends on two stages of verification. First, the Bank will check your solvency, this stage takes no more than 5 working days on average. Then the Bank will need to check the documents for the land or property you are buying, as well as make an assessment of it.

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There is no single solution. If you need the lowest monthly payment, then take loan for the maximum possible period. If you are not sure that you will have a consistently high income, then take as little time as possible.

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On average, initial approval of a Multi-purpose credit application can be done from 10 minutes to 1 day. Final approval takes on average from 24 hours to 5 days. You just need to make sure your documents are completed when you submit them.

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Credit funds can be issued immediately after the application is approved or 1-3 banking days after a successful phone check.

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You need Pag-IBIG Regular Savings.

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Full company name
Address Petron Mega Plaza # 358 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City
Phone number 8-724-4244
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BPI history


1978 – Housing Mutual Fund (HDMF) was formed to finance the purchase of houses for Filipino workers. 2 agencies ran HDMF: SSS, CSIS.
1979 – funds from 2 services were united into 1 fund. The work on the merger went on and a new foundation named Pag IBIG, as a result in 1980, the independence of Pag IBIG from NHMFC was acquired. Foundation logo – 2 hands carefully hold the foundation symbol – a ball and are in a somvolic shape – a house. The logo expresses the idea that Om begins with a careful attitude to its resources.

Pag IBIG was active and for more effective management, the powers of the Foundation were transferred to its own Board of Trustees. Members don’t just transfer % of their monthly salary that they will get back after 20 years, but also enjoy the follow up benefits: Pag IBIG loans with low amortization paymt(s) (Disaster Loan, Multi Purpose Loan or MPL and Home Loan) and regular savings programs. However, there are exceptions for members who were registered in accordance with RA 7742 – it’s possible for them lump sum after 10-15 years of constant paymt(s). To receive lump sum, you must visit the branch where you applied for registration. Submit all basic requirements, receive your receipt and lump-sum check.
You can see for yourself the uniqueness of these offers from Pag IBIG.
Take, for example, computation a Housing Loan, for which simply use the calculator on the Pag IBIG website and the Pag IBIG rates table. The rates vary depending on the credit term. The benefits of such a borrow in comparison with the offers of conventional banks are very significant. So, despite the crisis, the rate at Pag IBIG for 1 year is only 4.985% APR!
Membership in Pag IBIG gives an opportunity to receive avail under the regular savings program. The invested funds are returned after retirement.


How to inquiry for membership in Pag IBIG?

Not only Filipinos with confirmed employment can become a member, but also people who have a small business and housewives. To register as a volunteer member they need to visit Find the E-Services, then follow up to the registration form. By clicking on the “Continue” button, you enter your data in the form in the appropriate fields and click the verification box. The following Pag IBIG form will require you to provide private info about your employment, your family.
For working citizens, Pag IBIG provides easy registration on its portal. Fill MDF Form Update on the website and wait for the tracking number. Members can update their registration info if it is no longer up to date. You can download a unprint MDF form on third-party resources or follow the link.
Sometimes someone wants to reprint his unprinted MDF. You can find a unprint form using the tracking number. If the Pag IBIG customer cannot remember their tracking number, that is, the ability to get a copy of the form at any convenient Pag IBIG office.
How to check my Pag-IBIG contribution?

Portal provides check of contributions is available only for OFW. In order for OFW to receive information about the amount paid, it is enough to login Personal Account, and this requires a permanent ID (MID). If you are an OFW and for some reasons do not have a MID, then get it:

  • register on the official portal
  • in the top- left corner of the Members Data Form there is a tracking number , it is also sent to the phone number
  • then you will need to send a SMS as verification of your identity to get your permanent ID to confirm your paid contributions.

How to know my Pag IBIG number?

For a local employee, you can know your MID by calling the hotline or requesting by mail. Alternatively, you can also contact us – Facebook. For OFW members – if you have forgotten your MID, then login to your Pag IBIG Personal Account and find the information you need or write to support.


Pag IBIG online

The fund’s portal has at its disposal an excellent Online Service which is constantly being improved. On the portal you can find all the forms to application for loans, submitting reports, a form for registering a client and others. The forms on the site are updated immediately, so use the latest Pag IBIG forms on the site to don’t reprint the application. Over the last year, the Foundation has expanded the list of services that users can receive via the Internet, and these are: payment system, virtual Pag-IBIG, client’s personal account.
The online service provides the ability to track the entire process and status of submitted applications. The benefits of the service for customer are obvious – saving time and money on the road. Now, to clarify the size of the asset, it is enough just to use Internet resources.
In addition, the Pag IBIG borrower who wants to take out a credit Pag IBIG can find out all the requirements in advance. They can also check their financial status in advance and make computation the MAX loan amount using calculator. To do this, enter the values in the “interest rate” and “term” fields and get an updated result – a monthly payment. After update any numeric of these fields, the monthly payment is automatic renewal displayed as updated.


Pag IBIG types of loans

Housing loan
Thanks to the program – Housing loan, customer Pag-IBIG can get great avail because the savings in amortization will be substantial. Own house worth up to 6 000000 PHP is the MAX credit amount. Of course, the borrower must prove eligibility for such a large borrow, the amount may be less if your asset is small. The latest offer is 4.985% APR for fixed rate for 1 year!

If you haven’t decided what object you want to buy – a house, a condominium or will build a new facility, then look at Acquired Assets on the website. Perhaps you will find a suitable option for yourself and avoid the need to provide a package of documents for collateral. Acquired Asset is a property that was acquired by borrower Pag-IBIG and the borrower filed for bankruptcy and could no longer pay the credit amortization. Pag-IBIG is offering such properties to new buyers through a public auction. If the auction fails, then buyers can receive up to 30% discount. Process consists of 5 steps:

  • 1. Read the list of acquired assets.
  • 2. Look at the object. Find out if you need renewal of the object, collect reviews about the object, area.
  • 3. Fill in the Purchase Offer Form and attach copies of docs: ID, docs confirming your income.
  • 4. If your application is approved, you pay the fee of 1000 PHP, signs the Conditional Sale Act, and provide documents confirming the borrow.
  • 5. After 30 days from the date of signing the Conditional Sale Act, you start paying monthly payments.

For this Pag IBIG loan to be approved, the borrower must be a member of the fund for at least 24 months and pay contributions. Purposes for which a credit can be issued: purchase of land, purchase of a house or condominium, refinancing of a credit, home improvements, or combined credit purposes. You can apply on the Pag IBIG website.
Multi Purpose Loan (MPL)
This type of credit can be taken for any purpose, even to start your own business, because the customer receives cash. A Multi Purpose loan (MLP) can also be used for: renewal house, payment of tuition, payment of additional classes, purchase of household appliances or a smartphone.
The maximum loan amount can be up to 80% of the normal disbursed savings. The term for consideration of the application is only 2 days! The interest rate is the lowest in the country – 10.5% per annum. At the same time, the credit repayment period cannot exceed 24 months. You can look for sample forms are available on the website to apply or click – mpl application form, download and fill out.
Calamity Loan
This credit from Pag-IBIG is a cash credit to assist Pag-IBIG customers living in areas declared and affected by the disaster. Borrow is provided to those citizens who have a written confirmation of the local government on the recognition of the territory affected by the natural disaster. Also, a credit is provided to all members of the fund if the Government of the Philippines has recognized their area as affected by a natural disaster. A minimum Pag IBIG rate of 5.95% APR and a credit term of up to 2 years will allow victims to urgently eliminate the consequences of the disaster. This credit has only positive reviews. In addition, the loan has a deferred 1 payment. Sample of Calamity loan form are available on the website.


Pag IBIG Loyalty Card

What is the meaning of a Loyalty Card?
The card allows you to receive discounts and rewards on your purchases, like all loyalty cards. The broader meaning of the Pag IBIG card allows you to receive discounts on hospital bills, your children’s tuition fees and fuel costs from our partners.
A complete list of partners can be viewed on the website. Loyalty card can perform all debit card operations – for payments and receiving MP2 Savings dividends. To receive a loyalty card, you must to pay a registration fee – 100 PHP, go to the office to take a picture and sign.


Pag IBIG savings

The modified savings program is a program, the main difference of which is that it is protected by the state. Pag IBIG’s modified savings program pays off high annual dividends. If you are an employee, then you deduct 1% to 2% of your salary. However, you can get your contributions back after 20 years with additional interest.
Here’s is the table for the monthly payment

Monthly Compensation Contribution Rate % (Employee) Contribution Rate % (Employer)
1500 PHP and below 1 2
Over 1500 PHP 2 2

Pag IBIG MP2 savings
There are 2 modified savings programs: MP1 and MP2. The MP1 program will add a monthly payment to the mandatory contributions. And the main feature of MP2 is the condition to deduct about 500 PHP every month for 5 years, and after this period you will receive at least 30,000 PHP + interest. Upon retirement, Pag-IBIG will return your money.


Pag IBIG branches near me

To contact the fund’s specialists it is not necessary to look for branches “near me”, you can contact the fund using the form on the page or via chat, hotline or facebook, links to which are available here on the website.
Pag IBIG Branches are located on 3 large islands Cebu , Luzon, Mindanao:

  • Mandaluyong Branch
  • Tagum Branch
  • Davao Branch
  • Ayala Member Services
  • Dakbayan sa Bogo Office
  • Manila Member Services
  • Ali Mall Office
  • Angeles Member Services
  • Dagupan Branch

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