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The online application is available 24/7 for simple loans. To obtain a loan, you must provide all registration documents in digital mode.

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My cash
West Service Road, Merville Exit, NAIA, Pasay City 1300
(‎‎02) 781 0926,
Interest rate 24% - 24%
Loan tenure from 0 to 1 months
Approval duration Up to 1 hours
Min. monthly income1

My Cash offers microcredit services to its customers in the Philippines. It’s not difficult to get an instant loan here. The decision is made immediately, the money is paid in cash. 

About company

My Cash offers customers an instant fast service. Almost any applicant with a steady income can get an approval of application. Applications are accepted online, around the clock and without days off. After approval of the loan, the money will be credited to your account maximum the next day. 

My Cash offers first-class solutions to financial problems of citizens of the Philippines. To get money for urgent needs,  now you do not need to go through complex procedures of approval, draw up collateral requirements, and wait a long time for a decision on your application. 

Instead, a fast innovative consumer lending approach is applied. It allows you to adapt to changing market conditions, provides customers with high transparency. 

Cash loan

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Interest Rates:  0.8% per day
Minimum loan amount: 2 000 PHP
Maximum loan amount: 25 000 PHP
Payment terms: 7 – 30 days
Approval time: 1 hour

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Monthly payment
₱ 888.49
Total overpayment
₱ 661.85
₱ 10661.85

How to get a loan in the company?

To draw up a loan, you need to apply. A customer can count on the amount from 2 000 to 10 000 Philippine pesos. If you have a good credit history, the maximum amount increases to 25 000 pesos. 

On the main page of the site you will find an online calculator, in which you calculate what the payment will be depending on what term you draw up a loan. Loans are approved for 7, 15, 21 or 30 days. The interest rate for all customers, without exception – 0.8% per day. No hidden fees or commissions. 

To draw up a loan in My Cash, the client must be at least 21 years old. Have a permanent job, live in one of the provinces where there is an office of a microfinance organization. 

As proof of official income, you need to submit an extract from the bank for the last three months. 

To apply for a loan, you need to fill out the appropriate form. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of registration. To ensure that the application is processed quickly, make sure that you submit original documents, all copies are clear and readable. 

The decision on the loan application is sent by mail within 1-2 business days after the submission of all necessary documents. The MFI ensures that each customer is assessed fairly and as quickly as possible. 

After approval, the money is automatically credited to your bank account. Confirmation of the completed transaction will come to you by e-mail. 

The advantages of service

This microfinance organization has several advantages that attract many customers. 

  1. Favorable offers. By contacting this microfinance organization, you will avoid wasting time on applying, standing in a queue, since everything can be drawn up online. You will have more time for really important things, and you will not have to worry about money. 
  2. Quick loan decision. After you apply for a loan, My Cash staff will ensure that the documents are processed as quickly as possible. You will get your money when you need it most. 
  3. Transparency. To earn customer trust, MFIs ensure that each lender understands what he is paying for. No additional fees, charges or commissions will be hidden from you. 

Why you should choose this company?

Of course, a good credit history is always a plus, thanks to which it becomes much easier to get a loan. However, if you have had any problems in the past with timely payment of your debts, here you will not be denied. 

This microfinance organization emphasizes that they understand perfectly well – not everyone has easy access to loans. The project launched by My Cash is intended for financial assistance to low-income Filipinos. 

Therefore, being in a difficult financial situation, clients often seek help here.  

4 steps to get a loan

You can draw up a loan in this microfinance organization by following the step-by-step instructions. It won’t take a lot of time. 

  1. Make an application online or via mobile app. This can be done around the clock. The process will take no more than 3 minutes. The app is fully automated and intuitive. 
  2. Wait for the decision. MFI staff try to give an answer as quickly as possible. It will take maximum two business days after the submission of the necessary documents. You will be contacted by phone, e-mail or text message. 
  3. Get the money. After approval of the loan, the money will be credited to the account within 30 minutes. You can withdraw cash in the bank, which was indicated when filling out the online application. 

How to repay a loan

To repay a loan, you need to act according to the following algorithm. 

  1. Contact any of the banks that you specified when completing the online application (BDO, UCPB or PNB). 
  2. Fill out the form, indicating the necessary information. 
  3. Make a payment. Be sure to keep your receipt. 
  4. Send an email with a photo of the receipt to the microfinance organization. 

Offline offices of the company

Microfinance organization works with clients all over the country. If you have problems with obtaining a loan, contact the multi-channel phone support service or write an e-mail. You will be answered promptly and detailed. 

Product Features

Min. financing amount ₱2000
Max. financing amount Up to ₱25000
Max. loan tenure 1 months
Interest rate 24% - 24%
Approval duration Up to 1 hours
Debt consolidation Yes

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM 0 months 1 months 2 months 3 months 1 months
LOAN AMOUNT ₱12500 ₱12500 ₱12500 ₱12500 ₱12500
FEE 24% 24% 24% 24% 24%
INTEREST AMOUNT ₱0 ₱250 ₱500 ₱750 ₱250
TOTAL REPAYMENT ₱12500 ₱12750 ₱13000 ₱13250 ₱12750

Fees & Charges

One time setup
Processing fee no-fee
Stamp duty N/A
Disbursement & misc. fee N/A
Annual fee N/A
Other fees N/A
Early settlement no information
Late payment charges no information
Other penalties no information

Other Requirements

Need to open linked banked account? Yes
Other details -


It’s easy and done through the site. Register using your mobile number; fill in your profile with the necessary personal, work and bank details (for verification and payment); and click apply!

Send an application

If you are a new customer, you must receive a credit decision within one banking day after applying. For regular customers, you can make a loan decision faster, since most of your information has already been verified.

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You will receive a system generated SMS advice on the status of application

Send an application

You can get your money credited directly to your Bank account. You will be asked to enter your Bank account number in the loan application.

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Yes, you can repay the loan ahead of schedule. Although there will be no deductions from your current payment, there will be other benefits such as a good credit rating and discounts for future loans.

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You do not require any security or guarantor to apply for a Cash loan.

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The longest loan period is 30 days.

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Full company name My cash
Address West Service Road, Merville Exit, NAIA, Pasay City 1300
Phone number (‎‎02) 781 0926
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Great Service feedBack

Thanks to Service Manager this process ended better than it started. She was patient and she knew what she was doing and that made it easy for me to complete this process. Thanks Amy

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this company has a nice manager

I was a little afraid of but Monique put me at ease and even called me to let me know everything was okay. She was great.

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