MoneyMatch in the Philippines

The multinational fintech company specializing in international payments. Allows lenders and borrowers to make transactions without the intermediation of standard financial institutions.

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Interest rate p.m. 2% - 4%
Loan tenure from 1 to 36 months
Approval duration Up to 120 hours
Min. monthly income

Product Features

Min. financing amount ₱ 25000
Max.financing amount ₱ 240000
Min. loan tenure 1 months
Max. loan tenure 36 months


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MoneyMatch company description

MoneyMatch is one of the most popular financial platforms in the Philippines. The site is designed to find a good lender, allows you to get a loan with a low interest rate, to find an object for investing savings. Using this service, lenders quickly build up a customer base, making a profit, and borrowers take a profitable loan online. The system guarantees that the funds will be under full control, and the return on depositors will be at least 24% of the invested amount. The platform is reliably protected from hacking, which is the key to safe financial transactions. 

Personal loan

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Interest Rates:  From 24% APR
Minimum loan amount: 25 000 PHP
Payment terms: 1-36 months
Approval time: 24-48 hours

Borrower requirements

– At least 21 years old at the time of application but not more than 60 years old upon loan maturity
– Must be a Filipino Citizen
– Must reside in or near NCR
If Employed:
– Minimum gross monthly income – 20 000 PHP
If Self-employed:
– Should be at least 2 years in the current business or profession

How to get a loan in the company 

To get a loan using the MoneyMatch electronic platform, a potential client of the company must fully comply with the following requirements:

  • provide a certificate from work;
  • be employed for 3 months;
  • have a permanent residence permit and a passport of a citizen of the country;
  • be the owner of a personal bank card or account;
  • have access to your smartphone or webcam computer to take a selfie with your passport in hands.

If all documents and certificates are in the hands of the client, he intends to borrow money from the company, then the following steps will be necessary:

  • open the site online;
  • register and fill out an application;
  • attach the necessary documents, number of bank card or account;
  • submit an application and wait for a decision on it. 

The algorithm for obtaining money is standard for MFIs, the conclusion of the transaction and the issuance of funds is completely remote. The MoneyMatch site is ready to offer customers a personal or secured loan. The first option allows you to choose flexible conditions for each client individually, the second – to get a loan secured by real estate, for up to 24 months. 

Benefits of the service 

The MoneyMatch site is a good choice for lenders and borrowers, as the latter can benefit from their investments, and the former can appreciate these benefits:

  • fast and competent loan processing;
  • the package of required documents is minimal;
  • loan decision is made quickly;
  • clients receive funds for any purpose;
  • you can select a personal loan program;
  • there is a long-term loan that is issued on bail;
  • service employees are always in touch with customers;
  • the best lenders are competing on the site who are ready to lower interest rates to a minimum in order to attract the attention of a large number of clients. 

Using MoneyMatch, lenders make a profitable investment, and individuals get affordable loans.

Why you should choose this company 

MoneyMatch service has collected hundreds of offers for lenders and borrowers, safely protecting their personal data, providing comfort of use. The platform works without days off and breaks, it is convenient to use the service. Registration on the site is fast and simple, everything is transparent, interest rates are low, which borrowers like, and also allows the lender to get more customers. You can even choose an offer from a smartphone, since the site is adapted for mobile devices. 

Seven steps to get a loan 

In order to get a microloan or long-term loan at the MoneyMatch site, the client will need to take the following steps:

  1. Register on the company website.
  2. Choose a suitable loan option.
  3. Fill out an electronic application for a loan.
  4. Collect and attach the necessary documents.
  5. Wait for the decision of the creditor on the application;
  6. Attach an account to which the money will be transferred.
  7. Sign a loan agreement.

The algorithm for obtaining a loan is simple, the processing time of personal data is minimal, the employed borrowers always receive approval and can use the funds for their own purposes. 

How to return a loan 

You can return the received funds through your MoneyMatch personal account by making a payment from a bank card or account. You can pay under the contract through the self-service terminal or at the bank, but in these cases, the money will go a few days, what you need to provide. So that the funds are credited to the account of the company instantly, it is worth making payments online, because it is convenient and fast. 

Offline offices of the company 

MoneyMatch has one main office located on the 24th floor of the OMM Citra Bldg, on San Miguel Avenue, in the center of Ortigas, Pagis. The company has no other physical offices in the country. Usually, loans are issued online, with scanned copies of documents attached, so you don’t have to drop everything to sign an agreement. It takes 10-15 minutes to fill out an application, 5 more are needed to attach copies of documents, after which you can sign a loan agreement. 


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2 years ago

Professional And Responsible Lender

money match in the payment department was extremely professional and helpful. I really appreciated her willingness to help me resolve my account concerns.

2 years ago

friendly and the best associate I've ever spoken with

Great loan service, payments are affordable. I've been using them for 2 years. If you need a person to help you through the application I recommend employee of the company was great he was really helpful, patient, friendly and the best associate I've ever spoken with.

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