Metro Quicash in the Philippines

Credit company that provides financial assistance to overseas Filipino workers.

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Metro Quicash Lending Corp.
09060665124 | 09060150050 | 09985101389 | 09992202011 ,
Interest rate p.m. 3.5% - 4%
Loan tenure from 3 to 12 months
Approval duration Up to 24 hours
Min. monthly income1

Metro Quicash company description

Microcredit company Metro Quicash issues loans to individuals in the Philippines. The firm provides online loans with the lowest interest rate, quickly considering applications of borrowers. Requirements for individuals are standard, loans are issued 24 hours a day. The loan period is 1-3 months, the company has been working in the financial services industry for 10 years and is a worthy competitor. To take a loan here, you need a minimum of time and documents, and this is a significant advantage for borrowers. The company willingly issues money to those citizens who work abroad or are going to go there, so that they quickly solve their financial problems, can save a little for themselves and repay the loan, while paying the minimum interest fee. 

OFW loan

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Interest Rates:  3.5% per month
Minimum loan amount: 20 000 PHP
Maximum loan amount: 500 000 PHP
Payment terms: 3 – 12 months
Approval time: 24 hours

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Borrower requirements

1. Latest POEA Validated Standard contract of Employment / Certificate of Employment / Job Order
2. E-Receipt / Oversease Employment Certificate (OEC)
3. Flight details / Plane Ticket
4. Updated Passport and VISA
5. Marriage Contract, if married / Birth Certificate if single
6. 3 pcs. 2 x 2 pictures
7. Photocopy of 2 valid ID’s with permanent address and signatures
8. Latest original Proof of billing (water/electric)
9. Latest proof of Residency (NBI, Police Clearance and etc. and for provincial Brgy. Clearance)
10.Sketch of Residence


Loan Calculator

Monthly payment
₱ 888.49
Total overpayment
₱ 661.85
₱ 10661.85

How to get a loan – algorithm of actions

To get a microloan on the Metro Quicash website, the borrower needs to open it online and fill out a standard form. In the electronic loan application, the consumer will have to specify the following data:

  • first and last name;
  • gender and marital status;
  • registration and residence address;
  • mobile phone number and email address;
  • type of employment abroad;
  • type of employment and the address of the foreign company where the Filipino works;
  • photos or scanned copies of the main as well as additional documents. 

By filling out an electronic application, you can send it for consideration, waiting for the decision of the company in a few minutes. Metro Quicash issues quick and easy loans to those Filipinos who go to work abroad, to citizens who work in their home country, loans are not provided. Representatives of the company fully understand the problems of workers, doing everything possible to help their citizens solve troubles faster. 

The main advantages of the service

The main advantages of the microfinance firm Metro Quicash allow customers to get many benefits, among them the following:

  • online service works 24 hours a day;
  • loans are issued for 1-3 months;
  • financial assistance can be obtained by anyone who went to work abroad;
  • the company decides to issue a loan quickly;
  • the firm offers customers a reasonable interest rate. 

To get a microloan, you need to have documents and a bank card with you, making a loan for the necessary amount in a couple of minutes. On the company’s website you can always read the latest and relevant news for borrowers, containing a maximum of useful information. 

Why you should choose this company 

Microfinance company Metro Quicash has been on the market for 10 years, has a good reputation and competitiveness, so it is chosen by many people. An additional advantage for borrowers will be a round-the-clock online service, fast transfer of money. The company has set the lowest interest rate in the country, which has a rate of 0.3% per day. The company imposed basic requirements to its borrowers, there are no additional questions in the application. Regular customers get even better offers by becoming members of the loyalty program. The company has no hidden fees or commissions, customers receive financial support on transparent terms. 

Five steps to get a loan 

In order to get an online loan from Metro Quicash, a client needs to take the following 5 steps:

  1. Open the official website of the company.
  2. Fill out an application and attach documents.
  3. Submit an application for consideration.
  4. Add a bank card.
  5. Sign the contract online with a digital code and get the money. 

The algorithm for obtaining a microloan is very simple and clear; therefore, many borrowers use the services of this particular firm. 

How to return a loan

Borrowers can return a microloan to Metro Quicash online, through a personal account. You can transfer money from a bank card linked to a profile, which is done instantly, without additional fees. You can pay the loan through the self-service terminal or by bank transfer, clarifying how long the money will go. 

Offline offices of the company 

Metro Quicash has one head office and two branches, which are located at the following addresses:

No. Office address information
1. Head office, Bocobo Shopping Center, 1253, Padre Faura Street.
2. A branch of Medalle Building Annex in Cebu City.
3. A branch of the firm on the second floor of the Insular Life Building, on Aldario Acutt Street. 


Product Features

Min. financing amount ₱20000
Max. financing amount Up to ₱500000
Min. loan tenure 3 months
Max. loan tenure 12 months
Interest rate p.m. 3.5% - 4%
Approval duration Up to 24 hours
Debt consolidation Yes

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM 3 months 4 months 5 months 6 months 12 months
LOAN AMOUNT ₱250000 ₱250000 ₱250000 ₱250000 ₱250000
FEE 3.5% 3.5% 3.5% 3.5% 3.5%
INTEREST AMOUNT ₱2188 ₱2917 ₱3646 ₱4375 ₱8750
TOTAL REPAYMENT ₱252188 ₱252917 ₱253646 ₱254375 ₱258750

Fees & Charges

One time setup
Processing fee no-fee
Stamp duty N/A
Disbursement & misc. fee N/A
Annual fee N/A
Other fees N/A
Early settlement no information
Late payment charges no information
Other penalties no information

Other Requirements

Need to open linked banked account? Yes


Typically, you should apply for an OFW loan when you already have an OWWA passport and other documents confirming your OFW status.

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The longest loan period is 12 months.

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You can take a co-borrower, but this is not a prerequisite. A co-borrower should be attracted if your income is not enough to get a loan for the amount you need.
• Spouse or immediate relative with steady sourceof income. (If the spouse if not qualified as a co-brrower, he/she will sign Promissory Note)
1. 3 pcs. 2 x 2 pcs. Pictures
2. Photocopy of 2 valid ID
3. Latest Proof of billing
4. NBI
5. Latest Proof of income

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Full company name Metro Quicash Lending Corp.
Phone number 09060665124 | 09060150050 | 09985101389 | 09992202011
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1 year ago

helped me in the past months

this company has helped me in the past months. So easy to apply, and they don't make you feel like a second class person because you ask for help. I hope this loan will be my last needed loan, but I know they are here if needed. Thank you,!

1 year ago

Metro quicash Loans has the best customer service

Metro quicash Loans has the best customer service i have ever experienced with any Loan Company or Bank,very easy to deal with them, i have been dealing with them for the last 4 years, thank you...

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