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The online credit service. Users do not need to come to the office of the company to submit documents or agree on the details of cooperation.

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First Digital Finance Corporation
1212 A. Mabini Street, Malate, Philippines
(02) 310 1303,
Interest rate per day 0.56% - 0.8%
Loan tenure from 10 to 90 days
Approval duration Up to 1 hours

About company

Loanranger – online lender located in the Philippine Islands. A loan is drawn up directly on the website of the organization. On the main page there is an online calculator. Using it, you can calculate the loan amount (from 3 thousand to 10 thousand Philippine pesos) and the loan period (1-3 months). The organization imposes the following requirements on customers to issue a loan:

  • age from 18 years old;
  • the presence of stable income;
  • the presence of a state ID.

The presence of such characteristics allows a person to quickly fill out an online application for a loan and pay it in the specified way. It is fast and convenient. Filling in information and calculating the amount of loan repayment occur via the Internet. The borrower may apply in any convenient place. You need a mobile device or personal computer, as well as an Internet connection.

The service asks for some personal data of the user for personal identification and solvency certification. The process is quick, convenient, with full compliance with safety standards. The decision to issue a loan is made within 1 banking day. To get a loan, you need to go to the site and transfer the issued funds to a personal account.

Cash loan

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Interest Rates:  15,6% per month
Minimum loan amount: 3 000 PHP
Maximum loan amount: 10 000 PHP
Payment terms: 1-3 months
Approval time: 1 hour

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Borrower requirements

– At least 18 years old at the time of application but not more than 60 years old upon loan maturity
– Must be a Filipino Citizen
– One valid government ID (scan copy or photo)
– A stable source of income (store owners and home-based workers/freelancers are welcome to apply)


Loan Calculator

Monthly payment
₱ 888.49
Total overpayment
₱ 661.85
₱ 10661.85

How to get a loan

Submitting application for a loan is carried out on the organization’s website. For this you need to go through several stages:

  1. determine the loan amount;
  2. calculate the time period and the final amount of the return on the online calculator;
  3. click the button Apply now.

A form will be opened where the borrower indicates personal data: name, financial position, date of birth, gender, and so on. It is necessary for the company staff to determine the identity of the borrower. In order not to perform these actions constantly, registration is carried out. In the upper left menu you need to click Sign In. A form will be opened where you are offered to go to the organization’s website using the social network or fill in the required information (name, email, password) manually via Sign Up.

If the user has forgotten the login password, it can be restored by submitting an I forgot my password request. A password reset form will be opened where you need to enter the phone number or email address of the registered account. Next, click Reset Password button. The final step is to enter a new password in the form that opens.

The advantages of service

The online lender Loanranger is in demand not only in the Philippines, but also in other developed countries. This is due to the following advantages:

  • remote loan processing;
  • application is provided from anywhere in the world with Internet access;
  • simple service interface;
  • round-the-clock online support;
  • guaranteed security of the entered information;
  • verification of entered data;
  • approval of the application within 24 hours;
  • transparency of activity.

The service provides the response to the application within 24 hours. The loan goes to the company website. Further, the borrower transfers the loan to his personal account and uses it at his discretion. You need to contribute the amount through the organization’s website anywhere on the planet with a stable Internet connection. Loanranger qualified staff is ready to answer users’ questions remotely at any time.

It is not necessary to visit a branch. All operations are performed remotely. Applications are accepted even on weekends. In this case, the borrower is not charged a hidden fees, which were not prescribed initially. The calculator calculates the exact amount levied on the borrower. This gives him the opportunity to save time and repay debt in a timely manner.

Why you should choose Loanranger

On the main page of the company’s site posted entry Cash when you need it. The message is fully justified, because the service guarantees the issuance of a loan in the shortest period of time, subject to the conditions. Managers of the organization are attentive to customers and help to solve tasks in a timely manner. There are answers to frequently asked questions in the knowledge base. You can enter it by clicking on the item on the top menu FAQ.

The credit history is presented to the borrower’s attention, which can be viewed with a corresponding request. There is also the possibility of early repayment of the loan. This has a positive effect on the client’s credit history, and also makes it possible to enjoy additional discounts on the service’s facilities. At the same time, there are no additional payments from the borrower’s personal account.

A loan of up to 10 thousand Philippine pesos is issued to borrowers. With further cooperation, this amount can be revised. Often, company employees offer regular users favorable loan conditions, additional discounts on services. This has a positive effect on the terms of cooperation and improves the usability of the service.

Product Features

Min. financing amount ₱3000
Max. financing amount Up to ₱10000
Min. loan tenure 10 days
Max. loan tenure 90 days
Interest rate per day 0.56% - 0.8%
Approval duration Up to 1 hours
Debt consolidation Yes

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM 10 days 11 days 12 days 13 days 90 days
LOAN AMOUNT ₱5000 ₱5000 ₱5000 ₱5000 ₱5000
FEE PER DAY 0.56% 0.56% 0.56% 0.56% 0.56%
INTEREST AMOUNT ₱280 ₱308 ₱336 ₱364 ₱2520
TOTAL REPAYMENT ₱5280 ₱5308 ₱5336 ₱5364 ₱7520

Fees & Charges

One time setup
Processing fee PHP 500
Stamp duty N/A
Disbursement & misc. fee N/A
Annual fee N/A
Other fees N/A
Early settlement good credit rating and discounts for future loans
Late payment charges for late payment
Other penalties no penalties

Other Requirements

Need to open linked banked account? Yes


It’s easy and done through the site. Register using your mobile number; fill in your profile with the necessary personal, work and bank details (for verification and payment); and click apply!

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If you are a new customer, you must receive a credit decision within one banking day after applying. For regular customers, you can make a loan decision faster, since most of your information has already been verified.

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You will receive a system generated SMS advice on the status of application

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You can get your money credited directly to your Bank account. You will be asked to enter your Bank account number in the loan application.

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Yes, you can repay the loan ahead of schedule. Although there will be no deductions from your current payment, there will be other benefits such as a good credit rating and discounts for future loans.

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You do not require any security or guarantor to apply for a Cash loan.

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Full company name First Digital Finance Corporation
Address 1212 A. Mabini Street, Malate, Philippines
Phone number (02) 310 1303
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User rating


2 years ago

A Great Company With Great Services.

I been doing business with Loan Ranger for about 2 years and I have been very pleased. I haven't really paid attention with the credit part on my credit report but I will be looking in on it. I started doing business with fig loans because they are cheaper and by months than payday loans and the company explained to me they report it to your credit.

2 years ago

absolutely been the best loan I've gotten

A friend referred me to Loan Ranger about 3 months ago and Its absolutely been the best loan I've gotten with my credit. The approval was easy, all they do is check your bank account to make sure it belongs to you and that's it. I was approved and that day and had my money by the next day. It gives you a choice to delay your payment by a whole 28 days if you need to. I've only delayed it by 4 days until pay day b ut its good to know that the option is there. It's also improved my credit score by 67 points with just 3 payments and I have 1 more payment to go and I plan on using them again to build up some more positive accounts as I plan to purchase a home within the next year. If you do give it try use my referral code: BAC887 my name is sam. it will give you $10 credit towards your first payment.Easssy money right.Well,hope this can help someone. thanks

2 years ago

Awesome Company

Awesome Company Loan Ranger is an awesome loan to get when you are in a crunch or need an emergency. The payments are affordable and the customer service is awesome.

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