This loan allows you to be ready for anything, anytime. With Citi Personal Loan, you can easily access cash through installment loan.

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Tagig, Philippines
Metro Manila: 8995 9999 Metro Cebu: 234 9999 From Abroad: +63 2 8995 9999,
Interest rate 1.99% - 4.07%
Loan tenure from 12 to 60 months
Approval duration Up to 24 hours
Min. monthly income ₱21000

The history of Citibank in the Philippines began in July 1902. Then the International Banking Corporation, the predecessor of Citibank, opened its first branch in Manila. 

Today, Citibank is considered the largest foreign commercial bank in the Philippines. This organization provides corporate, transactional, treasury and consumer banking services. Citibank is a recognized leader in financial services for the public sector, multinational corporations and leading Philippine companies. Citibank offers innovative solutions for managing currency, securities and other financial instruments.

This organization is also active in the field of consumer banking. Citibank offers deposit and lending services that significantly improve the quality of life for citizens of the Philippines. Citibank also provides a wide range of investment and insurance products.

Product Features

Min. financing amount ₱ 10000
Max.financing amount ₱ 2000000
Min. loan tenure 12 months
Max. loan tenure 60 months


Citi Personal Loan

Rates: 26,9% APR

Minimum loan amount: 10 000 PHP

Maximum loan amount: 2 000 000 PHP

Term: 1-5 years

Approval time: 24 hours

Disbursement fee: 1 750 PHP

Citi Speed Cash

Rates: 1.99% per month

Minimum loan amount: 10 000 PHP

Term: 6-60 months

Approval time: 24 hours

Borrower Requirements

– You are at least 21 to 65 years old
– You are a Filipino resident or a local resident foreigner with a valid Philippine billing address
– You have a Tax Payer’s Identification Number (TIN)
– You are a principal credit cardholder.
– Have a minimum gross annual income of Php 250,000.
– One (1) valid government-issued ID with photo and signature.
– For employed: Latest Income Tax Return (BIR Form 2316) or latest 1 month full pay slip
– For self-employed: Latest Income Tax Return (BIR Form 1701);
and Audited Financial Statements (AFS) of the business with independent auditor’s report and balance sheets and tax receipt.

Credit Card

Types of credit cards:

Cash Back credit cards:

Shell Citi® Card

Get up to 5% rebate on Shell Fuel purchases
– Get up to 5% rebate on toll fees (NLEX and SLEX)
– Get up to 5% rebate on auto repairs, accessories and services nationwide
– Save as much as PHP 10,000 per year
Shell Citi Platinum Exclusives:
Save as much as PHP 15,000 per year.
Enjoy 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

Citi Cash Back® Card

Minimum income of PHP 180,000 per year
Age 21 or older
Fees No Annual Fees, No Late Payment Fees, No Overlimit Fees
10% Interest Back
– Up to 6% Cash Back on supermarket purchases
– Up to 2% Cash Back on Meralco bill payments through Citibank Online or Citi® One Bill®
– 0.20% Cash Back on all other purchase

Rewards credit cards:

Citi Grab Card

Accrual of points:
– 1 point for every PHP 30 spend
– Get 5x points + 5x bonus points on all your Grab spend, capped at PHP 10,000 spend per month (until June 30, 2020)
– Get 3x points on dining, entertainment and online subscriptions
– Enjoy a Platinum tier upgrade for the first six months

Citi Rewards Mastercard

Accrual of points:
– 1 point for every PHP 30 spend
– Get 3X points when you shop, dine, or book Cebu Pacific tickets
– Use your points to redeem free flights, hotel stays, or merchandise
– Use your points to pay for purchases at partner merchants

Citi Prestige Card (Visa)

Accrual of points:
– 5x ThankYou points on local dining, shopping and all foreign currency spend
– Complimentary 4th night free at any hotel booked through the concierge, twice (2x) per calendar year*
– Complimentary Priority PassTM Membership for primary cardmembers with unlimited access to over 1,000 VIP airport lounges worldwide
– Complimentary Airport Meet and Assist services and one-way luxury airport transfers for primary cardmembers at select airports, twice (2x) per calendar year

Mercury Drug Citi® Card (Visa)

Accrual of points:
– Earn 1 point for every PHP 200 spend
– Get 5x points on up to PHP 320,000 spend in Mercury Drug every month. Otherwise, you can still enjoy 1x point.
– Get 3x points on health, beauty and wellness spend including clinics, spas, gyms, salons and ALL hospitals.
– Get 3x points on foreign currency spend.
– Enjoy 24/7 ambulance service worth P10,000 within Metro Manila once a year.

Travel Cards:

Citi PremierMiles Card (Visa)

Earn fast 1 PremierMile for every PHP30 spend
Use anywhere 1 PremierMile = 1 airmile or hotel point with over 60 airlines and 8,000 hotels to choose from
No expiry Never-expiring miles; use anytime you want
VIP Access VIP lounge access at select lounges here and abroad with a FREE DragonPass Membership with two complimentary visits per membership year
Travel with Peace of Mind Up to PHP 1 million in insurance coverage when you charge your travel tickets to Citi PremierMiles
Free 30-Day Purchase Protection Purchases charged to your card are protected from accidental loss within 30 days from date of purchase. Terms & Conditions apply.

Annual Membership Fees

Card Type Principal Card Supplementary Card
Mercury Drug Citi P2,000 P900
Megaworld Citi P2,000 P1,000
Citi Rewards®, Megaworld Citi® P2,0001 P10002
Citi® PremierMiles®,
Rustan’s Citi® Gold
P2,500 P1,250
Shell Citi P2,500 (Gold)
P2,800 (Platinum)
P1,200 (Gold)
P1,400 (Platinum)
Citi Grab P2,500 P1,250
Citi Rewards P2,500 P1,250
Citi Simplicity+ No Annual Membership Fee No Annual Membership Fee
Charge2Phone Free NA
Citi Cash Back P3,500 P1,750
Citi PremierMiles P5,000 P2,500
Citi Prestige P12,000
*Non-waivable and billed in full on the first statement
*Free for the first seven supplementary cards
Citi Classic P1,500 P750
Citi Gold, Rustan’s Citi Gold P2,500 P1,250
Cebu Pacific Citi P2,800 P1,400


Full company name Citibank
Address Tagig, Philippines
Phone number Metro Manila: 8995 9999 Metro Cebu: 234 9999 From Abroad: +63 2 8995 9999
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User rating


8 months ago

This Make my dream comes true.

It was quick, easy and seamless for existing CitiBank customers. I liked the discount on rates that you get for already having an account. The money came in extremely fast. The big downside (like most loans) is that it was sold to third party loan servicer so it doesn't stay under the Citizens umbrella

8 months ago

This is one of the best bank i have account in.

i am a 22 years young boy who actually want to start my own business. but most of the banks did not allow me to apply for the loan but this bank helps me a lot . now i have a good a stable business all thanks to CITIBANK.

8 months ago

CitiBank Is A Great Company

This it has really very good services of loans and it have great response time and also it provides me the facility of financial growth for my business and also it is good for the peoples like me who want to start a business and also provide great packages of loan. i really love it.

1 year ago

I guess Citi doesn't want my business

I opened Citi checking and savings accounts online and used EFT to transfer $15,000 from my local bank. Then a few days after the EFT cleared Citi sent the funds back to my local bank and sent me a letter saying I need to send the funds in a check by mail to their processing center, which I did. They also sent me a debit card and PIN and a welcome letter. Then they closed the account and I can't get anyone in customer service to tell me why. I'm employed and quite wealthy, a homeowner many years at the same address, with a FICO score of 830. I opened the accounts to get the $400 bonus, and intended to satisfy their requirements. I've wasted hours dealing with clueless customer service and equally unhelpful 'personal banker' representatives. Very frustrating. I guess Citi doesn't want my business, and from now on they won't get it.

1 year ago

I will never fall for the "invitations" from Citibank again

I received an invitation to open a checking account and a savings account and receive $400 opening bonus. Since there is no branch in my area, I opened them online and received confirmation that the opening balances have been received ($100 in C, $1000 in S) then I wired additional $14,000 to savings. Today (2/11) they can only find $100 in checking. After talking to many "specialists" I still have no idea where the funds are. I am going to forget the bonus and close the accounts. I will never fall for the "invitations" from Citibank again!!!

1 year ago

Citibank refused to refund my dispute charge $350 since 3 month ago

Citibank refused to refund my dispute charge $350 since 3 month ago. On Nov. 15th, 2018, I saw there is a unrecognized transaction ($350) on day of 10/26/2018 in my credit card ($350). I disputed the charge immediately and Citibank promised me that they will refund that credit to my account within 3-5 business days. However, 3 month later, They are still convincing to wait 3-5 days. I will sue them for $350 and the time and spirit I spent on it.

1 year ago

There is always a problem with Citibank's stupid website

There is always a problem with Citibank's stupid website. This week, the bank is conducting maintenance and as a result, I cannot see any of my checks online. An online representative told me that they can send me the image of the check I want to see in 24 to 48 hours but that I can open their e-mail with yet another stupid password. How absurd; 48 hours later I still have not gotten anything. If it was not such a hassle, I would've switched all my banking to Bank of America, which has a superb website.

1 year ago

BBB Complaint Filed

BBB Complaint Filed: End of November (for those still following at home). Last response: Feb 13. Okay so after another useless phonemail from Jessica today from some Executive office, she has wasted MY TIME AGAIN to state that they are not changing their decision on their faulty bullcrap addition of Payment Safeguard on MY ACCOUNT with NO PERMISSION despite my OTHER CARD BEING REFUNDED from the last lawsuit. Telling me I opted into this during a card activation is complete garbage. And then you tell me you tried to communicate about it twice years later? BULL.

1 year ago

My husband and I have had an account here for more than 13 years

My husband and I have had an account here for more than 13 years. We added a savings account but since I wasn’t with my husband my name wasn’t added. I went into the Elmhurst NY branch to see what I needed to do to get onto the savings and the person I talked to said, "Just bring your husband and yourself and your banking cards." Went in today with everything we needed and waited 2 hours, gave all the information and then got told that they couldn’t do it cause we needed proof of address even though I told them that we never moved. I only have a passport cause I don’t drive so I didn’t bring a utility bill with me. The lady said, "Anything with your name and address," so I showed her my online student loan that had my address and name. And she told me, "No, that isn’t good enough. It has to be government issued or utility." But she was willing to take my cellphone bill.

1 year ago

I contacted Citi the LiveChat

I contacted Citi the LiveChat (which they notify you is being recorded, aha) on their website. I asked the representative whether Citi would refund the Global Entry fee on the Citi credit card I have. He said yes and I re-asked couple times to be sure. He re-assured me they would refund the fee, I just have to call Citi. So I went ahead and made the purchase, contacted Citi after the transaction posted, they told me I have to wait for the monthly statement. Contacted them again after the transaction made it to the monthly statement. This time they told me they won't refund it. I let them know a Citi representative I chatted with told me they will and they said they'll open a case/claim with some Citi department that does have access to the chat history.

1 year ago

Do not get a checking account with Citibank

Do not get a checking account with Citibank! If you do you will regret it. You have been warned. As of right now there is a "block" on my checking account. I discovered this as I was trying to order food over the weekend. They left me with no access to my funds, no money, no food and no way to pay my bills. When I called they told me that I had to speak to a particular department and they are conveniently closed on the weekend. I was told that my account was restricted because I have another checking account. I was told to have two separate online banking accounts by Citibank. My goal was to have two separate debit cards so that I could use one for spending and my other account for bills. So they have essentially screwed me over because of something one of their representatives told me to do.