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The mobile application that gives you fast, affordable and secure access to loans – anytime and anywhere!

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Interest rate 10% - 15%
Loan tenure from 0.5 to 6 months
Approval duration Up to 24 hours
Min. monthly income1 ₱10000

Cashalo is a quick way to solve financial problems. The financial organization issues loans without references and with the right to choose the term of the loan. In the Philippines, the company is included in the rating of the best microcredit firms.

Cash loan

Interest Rates:  10% per month
Minimum loan amount: 2 000 PHP
Maximum loan amount: 10 000 PHP
Payment terms: 15 – 45 days
Approval time: 1 hour

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Lazada loan

Interest Rates:  0% per month
Maximum loan amount: 4 500 PHP
Payment terms: Up to 90 days
Approval time: 1 hour

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Shop Now and Pay Later

Interest Rates:  3,99% per month
Maximum loan amount: 15 000 PHP
Payment terms: 60 – 270 days
Down payment: 20%
Processing fee: 5%
Approval time: 1 hour

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Loan Calculator

Monthly payment
₱ 888.49
Total overpayment
₱ 661.85
₱ 10661.85

About company

The history of the company begins in May 2018. Its CEO is Hamilton Angluben. Cashalo gives an opportunity to every Filipino to provide a decent standard of living. Cashalo is not just a financial institution, but a whole mobile application designed specifically for the citizens of the Philippines based on their needs, average salary and financial opportunities.  

The founders of Cashalo claim that this name was not chosen by chance. Cashalo translates as a partner. This suggests that the application will be the very “magic wand” when money is urgently needed. In such a situation, it is enough to ask for help from a reliable and proven “pocket partner”.

The company’s mission is to provide Filipinos with quick and secure access to loans 24 hours a day, which will give them full financial freedom. The application has been already downloaded by over 3 million users. This demand is due to the lack of banking services and access to the credit bureau for the majority of citizens of this country. The company creates opportunities that can improve the situation in the Philippines.

In its work, Cashalo prefers artificial intelligence. This significantly saves time on checking data on a borrower who previously received a loan.

How to get a loan

Only citizens over 18 years can use Cashalo’s services. In this case, the borrower must be employed or have a permanent income.

Getting a loan is pretty easy. It’s enough to follow a simple algorithm:

  • download the app (for smartphones on Android OS, you can do this in google play, for iOS – AppStore);
  • run the application;
  • sign in with your phone number;
  • fill in your profile with reliable information;
  • specify loan amount;
  • select payment terms;
  • wait for the decision on your application;
  • get money into your bank account.

The advantages of service

Cashalo has the following advantages:

  1. Convenient submission of an application for a loan – you will need to download the application, create an account, and fill out a form for issuing a microcredit.
  2. Prompt receipt of money – after approval of the application, they will go to your bank account.
  3. Tracking financial transactions – in the personal account all information about the payments is displayed.
  4. Large selection of ways to repay the debt – the company offers the borrower to use the services of quick transfers, or make payments directly through the application.
  5. The lowest interest rates in the Philippines – at the moment borrowers are offered a microloan at 4.95% (it may change).

Cashalo – best choice to solve financial problems

Cashalo regularly holds generous promotions that allow the borrower to fully use all the privileges of the company. For example, the PROMO MECHANICS promotion allows registered users to receive a cash reward for each friend you bring. The main condition – he must draw up a loan.

The company uses innovative technologies in its work. To get a loan you don’t need to collect numerous papers and references. Specialists process applications in real time, which allows you to make decisions within 30 minutes. Bad credit history in this case is not a reason for refusal, which is important for most Filipinos.

Customer security is at a decent level. All information specified by them is strictly confidential, and is in a lack of access. Under no circumstances is the data on the borrower shared with third parties.

6 steps to get a loan:

  1. Download the application to your smartphone.
  2. Create a profile.
  3. Authorization.
  4. Filling out a loan application.
  5. Waiting for the application to be processed by Cashalo staff.
  6. Getting money into a bank account.

How to repay a loan

You can make payments through Cashalo partner services:

  • 7-Eleven;
  • Robinsons;
  • BDO branches.

Debt payment is also provided directly through the mobile application using “Robinsons Online Banking” or “Dragonpay”. Please note that a transfer fee may be charged. When transferring money through Robinsons, it will be 12 Philippine pesos (14.83 rubles). With the financial instrument ECPAY, the amount of the commission will be equal to 15 Philippine pesos (18.54 rubles). 

Payments should be made within a strict time frame. Failure to comply with this clause may entail negative consequences in the form of penalties, and further refusals to issue urgent loans. For this reason, assess your abilities when choosing a loan period. Cashalo offers the borrower a loan repayment period from 15 days to 6 months.

Product Features

Min. financing amount ₱2000
Max. financing amount Up to ₱10000
Min. loan tenure 0.5 months
Max. loan tenure 6 months
Interest rate 10% - 15%
Approval duration Up to 24 hours
Debt consolidation Yes

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM 0.5 months 1.5 months 2.5 months 3.5 months 6 months
LOAN AMOUNT ₱5000 ₱5000 ₱5000 ₱5000 ₱5000
FEE 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
INTEREST AMOUNT ₱21 ₱63 ₱104 ₱146 ₱250
TOTAL REPAYMENT ₱5021 ₱5063 ₱5104 ₱5146 ₱5250

Fees & Charges

One time setup
Processing fee PHP 200
Stamp duty N/A
Disbursement & misc. fee N/A
Annual fee N/A
Other fees N/A
Early settlement no information
Late payment charges no information
Other penalties no information


Age requirement from 18 years old
Employment eligibility National ID card, payment sheet, company ID, bank account details.
Min. salary requirement ₱10000 gross per month
Guarantor / Collateral requirement No

Other Requirements

Need to open linked banked account? Yes
Other details -


Download Cashalo via the Google Play Store or iOS App Store .
Open the Cashalo app and click “Register”.
Enter your mobile number and get a one-time confirmation code.
Enter the confirmation code and register using your username, email address, and password.

You can repay the loan through online payment channels GCash, BDO or Robinsons Online Banking. For more information, call (02) 7902-1080.

The longest loan period is 45 days.


Address only Internet
Phone number (02) 808-8388
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User rating


11 months ago

Best Services and customer satisfection

Cashalo is a reliable source of financial products to help people meet daily financial needs particularly for those unable to access mainstream borrowing products. Cashalo offers applicants the chance to choose the amount of money to borrow driven and guided by transparency and flexibility principle

11 months ago

Effectiveness and Efficiency

It Has Simple Easy Step_Step Method i love it. it also provides the facility of mobile app so you can also get loan from mobile i love it a nice and easy.