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BPI history The bank was founded in 1851 and was named in honor of Isabel II – Queen of Spain. El Banco Español Filipino de Isabel existed before the revolution in September 1869. After the revolution, the bank was renamed Banco Español-Filipino. The opening was associated with the need to print money on its own […]

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Bank of the Philippine Islands https://upfinance.com/app/uploads/2019/08/bank-of-the-philippine-islands-bpi.jpg
6768 Ayala Avenue Makati City 0720 Philippines
(632) 818 5541 to 48 889-10000. Outside Metro Manila, you may dial 1-800-188-89100 using a PLDT landline, stocktransferoffice@bpi.com.ph investorrelations@bpi.com.ph sustainability@bpi.com.ph
Interest rate p.m. 0.52% - 2.16%
Loan tenure from 12 to 240 months
Approval duration Up to 168 hours
Min. monthly income

Product Features

Min. financing amount ₱ 20000
Max.financing amount ₱ 2000000
Min. loan tenure 12 months
Max. loan tenure 240 months


Housing loan

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Interest Rates:

years 1-10 11-20
rates APR 6,25% 8%

Maximum loan amount: 80% of appraised value of house and lot
Payment terms: Up to 20 years
Total gross monthly income (minimum): 40,000 PHP
Down payment: As low as 10% of purchase price
Approval time: 5-21 banking days

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Auto loan

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Interest Rates:

months 12 24 36 48 60
rates APR 9% 10% 10,2% 10,3% 10,4%

Loan amount: Brand new: up to 80% of purchase price
Second hand: up to 70% of appraised value
Brand new truck: up to 70% of purchase price
Minimum loan amount: 200 000 PHP
Payment terms: Brand New: 12 to 60 months
Second hand: 12 to 60 months
Brand new truck: 12 to 36 months
Maximum car age: Second Hand units (not more than 5 years old)
Approval time: 1-5 banking days
Down payment: As low as 20% of purchase price

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Personal loan

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Interest Rates: 25.5% APR
Minimum loan amount: 20 000 PHP
Maximum loan amount: 2 000 000 PHP
Payment terms: Up to 36 months
Approval time: within 5-7 banking days
One-time processing fee: 1 500 PHP

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OFW loan

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Interest Rates: 1.2% per month
Minimum loan amount: 20 000 PHP
Maximum loan amount: 300 000 PHP
Payment terms: Up to 36 months
Approval time: within 5-7 banking days
One-time processing fee: 1 500 PHP
For our seafarer loan, the due date will start 60 days after the loan is booked because the first monthly installment is deducted from the loan proceeds.

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BPI Family Ka-Negosyo loan

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Interest Rates: From 7% per annum
Minimum loan amount: 100 000 PHP
Maximum loan amount: 70% of appraised value of house and lot
Payment terms: Up to 10 years
Approval time: within 5-7 banking days
– Residential and Commercial Real Estate
– Bank Deposits
– No Collateral Option – available for Franchising Loans for Best List Franchise Brands

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Loan Calculator

Monthly payment
₱ 888.49
Total overpayment
₱ 661.85
₱ 10661.85

Borrower Requirements

– Duly accomplished Application Form
– 2 valid Identitifcation Cards
– If married, both spouses to sign on the application form
– If with co-borrower or co-mortgagor, separate application form is needed
Income Documents:
If locally employed (working within the Philippines)
– Certificate of Employment (COE) indicating salary, position and length of service
– Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) for the last 2 years
If Expat Pinoy (Overseas Filipino Worker)
– Contract / Certificate of Employment (COE) authenticated by Philippine Consulate
– Crew Contract and Exit Pass validated by POEA (seaman)
– Proof of monthly remittances
– Notarized or authenticated Special Power of Attorney (BPI FSB Format)
If Self-Employed
– Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws with SEC Registration Certificate
– Audited Financial Statements for the last 2 years
– DTI Registration
– Income Tax Return w/ Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SAL) for the last 2 yrs
– List of Trade References (at least 3 names with telephone nos. of major suppliers/customers)
– Bank Statements for the past 6 months

Business loan

Ka-Negosyo Business Loan (Secured)

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Interest Rates:  from 6% per annum
Minimum loan amount: 500 000 PHP
Maximum loan amount: 70% of appraised value of house and lot
Minimum term loan: 1 year
Maximum term loan: Up 10 years
Approval time: within 5 banking days

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Automatic Renewal

Required Daily Balance to Earn Interest 35 days 63 days 91 days 182 days 364 days
50 000 PHP to 499 999 PHP 0,625% 0,625% 0,625% 0,875% 0,875%
500 000 PHP to 999 999 PHP 0,625% 0,625% 0,625% 0,875% 0,875%
1 000 000 PHP to 4 999 999 PHP 0,75% 0,75% 0,75% 1% 1%
5 000 000 PHP and above 0,875% 0,875% 0,875% 1,125% 1,125%

Grow your Foreign Funds

Amount (US Dollar) 35 days 63 days 91 days 182 days 365 days 2 years
1 000 $ – 49 999 $ 0,5% 0,5% 0,75% 1% 1% 1%
50 000 $ – 99 999 $ 0,625% 0,625% 0,875% 1,125% 1,125% 1,125%
100 000 $and above 0,75% 0,75% 1% 1,25% 1,25% 1,25%

Credit Card

Petron-BPI Mastercard

3% Fuel Rebate at BPI-accredited Petron stations
FREE P200 Fuel Voucher Welcome Gift for newly approved Principal Cardholders
No annual fee on the first year
*Computed based on Petron XCS Plus at P47.00 per liter with an average weekly consumption of 40 liters per week.
**Enjoy a miximum of P15,000.00 rebates per calendar year. Rebates are credited on the next month’s billing statement from date of transaction.

BPI Gold Mastercard

AMF Waiver: First year FREE
Annual Income Requirement: P480,000
Real Thrills: Rewards Points P35 = 1 point
*FREE Travel Insurance package of up to 10 million
24/7 Customer Service through BPI Express Phone and Mastercard’s Global Service
Cash Advance of up to 100% of your credit limit Contactless Technology

BPI Blue Mastercard

AMF Waiver: First year FREE
Annual Income Requirement: P180,000
Real Thrills Rewards Points: P35 = 1 point
*FREE Travel Insurance package of up to P2 million
Cash Advance of up to 30% of your credit limit

BPI Amore Visa

Earn 1%, 4%, 3% rebates for every P1000 spend at BPI-affiliated establishments at Ayala Malls

Rebate Percentage Merchant Category
1% Bookstores, Department & Specialty Retail Stores, Drug Stores, Electronics &. Household Appliances, Health & Personal Care, Home Furnishing & Improvements, Leisure &. Sports, Schools, Schools & Office Supplies, Services &. Utilities, Supermarkets
4% Restaurants
5% Accessories, Clothing, Leather Goods, Shoes

BPI Amore Visa Platinum

BPI and Ayala shopping centers offer you the ideal shopping mall – a credit card and a privilege card in one. Your BPI Amore Visa Platinum allows you to enjoy the privileges and privileges of a mall. At the same time, it allows you to receive up to 25,000 discounts on purchases * when you spend in your favorite stores, restaurants and establishments in Ayala shopping centers.

BPI Family Credit Card

AMF Waiver: First year FREE
Annual Income Requirement: P180,000
Accepted in over 34 million Mastercard-affiliated merchants online and worldwide
Cash advance of up to 30% of your credit limit
Secured monthly Electronic Statement of Account

Debet Card

With BPI Credit you get more financial flexibility. You can pay for something now or later.

You can pay in the store through all branches of BPI and online through banking channels BPI 24/7. You can receive rewards in the form of benefits or discounts, and you can enjoy them immediately or later when you want to pay them off. You can better control your finances with a separate credit line, which you can use for corporate expenses / expenses for SMEs, and one for personal needs.

You can apply for a BPI loan at all branches of BPI and online via BPI 24/7 banking channels.
With all these features, BPI Credit really gives you the opportunity to manage your expenses!

BPI Visa Business Card
Feel the best of what the world has to offer, with a map that complements your signature lifestyle. Enjoy exciting travel, global services and exclusive benefits just for you. Apply now.

BPI Gold Mastercard
BPI Credit Gold Mastercard is a card that provides the best value with great peace of mind. Cardholders who use their card to purchase tickets receive FREE travel insurance for up to 10 million PHP.


The longest loan period is 20 years.

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Since this type of loan is associated with large amounts of money and a large volume of documents, the term for making a decision by the Bank depends on two stages of verification. First, the Bank will check your solvency, this stage takes no more than 5 working days on average. Then the Bank will need to check the documents for the land or property you are buying, as well as make an assessment of it.

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There is no single solution. If you need the lowest monthly payment, then take loan for the maximum possible period. If you are not sure that you will have a consistently high income, then take as little time as possible.

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The longest loan period is 3 years.

Send an application

You can fill out a loan application on the Bank’s website, then scan all the necessary documents and send them to Bank’s email address. Final approval takes an average of 5 to 7 days.

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Credit funds can be issued immediately after the application is approved or 1-3 banking days after a successful phone check.

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You do not require any collateral or guarantor to apply for a Personal loan.

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Funds will be transferred to BPI’s bank account.

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No, you don’t need to report money spent. You can use the money for a variety of personal needs, such as training, hospitalization, car upgrades, and paying bills.

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No, the car is your property from the moment of purchase, but remains the bank’s guarantee for the loan period. This means that you cannot sell the car, and you also have to pay for car insurance so that the bank can receive its money in any case.

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Initial registration is usually done by agents, so you get a copy of OR / CR. You must remember that the initial registration is valid for 3 years, so after that you need to renew it annually in LTO.

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Full company name Bank of the Philippine Islands
Address 6768 Ayala Avenue Makati City 0720 Philippines
Phone number (632) 818 5541 to 48 889-10000. Outside Metro Manila, you may dial 1-800-188-89100 using a PLDT landline
E-mail stocktransferoffice@bpi.com.ph investorrelations@bpi.com.ph sustainability@bpi.com.ph
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BPI history

The bank was founded in 1851 and was named in honor of Isabel II – Queen of Spain. El Banco Español Filipino de Isabel existed before the revolution in September 1869. After the revolution, the bank was renamed Banco Español-Filipino. The opening was associated with the need to print money on its own behalf. The original location of the bank was in Intramuros. Today the head center is located in Makati City. Other branches are located throughout the country: metro Manila, Quezon, Benguet, Pasig, Cebu, Alabang, Iloilo, Trinoma, Baguio, as well as in large business and shopping centers – Shangrila Plaza, Rockwell Center, North Greenhills Branch, Fairview Terraces are part of the Ayala Malls group, BGC Branch in JY Campos Centre.

In 1912 the name was changed to the BPI – meaning Bank of the Philippine Islands.
Thanks to our rich history, we have a very wide network of branches and is represented not only in all cities of the Philippines, but also abroad. Operating hours from 9 to 15. There are branches working on Saturday, their addresses and operating hours are published on the Branches with Saturday Banking Days page. Cebu Corporate Center is the largest branch, which is located at Cebu City, Archbishop Reyes Ave , 6000.
BPI locations abroad in Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Japan – see the address and phone numbers on the page. In addition to its own locations, the bank is represented abroad by connecting companies, see the contacts here.
The Bank of the Philippine Islands has many joint ventures. The largest of these is Buendia Century Tokyo Lease & Finance, a leasing and finance company: 15 / F Buendia Center, Makati City.
Bank of the Philippine Island tagline “Ready today. Ready tomorrow”. According to marketing specialist Santamaria, the tagline is about continuity and readiness for the new realities of life.

  • 1999 – BPI online banking “BPIExpress Online” was started.
  • 2009 – BPI online banking spreads to mobile phones.
  • 2011- BPI Express Assist launched the first online registration system for branches in the country. Now BPI online can be used to make an appointment with a loan manager.
  • 2013 – BPI – BGC POS International
  • In 2019, we upgraded the logo. New logo in png format saved base, but the sign has become more concise, you can download the logo (png) on the site.
  • 2020 – BPI has over 30 subsidiaries. The most famous subsidiaries are BPI Capital Corp., BPI Family Savings Bank, BPI Foundation, Inc., BPI Forex Corp.

Vision & Mission

On December 2019, the Board of Directors approved the Bank’s vision and mission – “We strive to make the Philippines a better place”.


What is the reason for such a long prosperity?

The first is to provide customer satisfaction. The Bank of the Philippine Islands is in service every day, 24 hours a day. Maintenance of systems during 24 hours enables customers to use the services at any time convenient for them.
Also, all financial transactions can be performed without leaving your workplace or home. Our services – BizLink, mobile app, ELink and others are always available.
The opening of BPI Direct BanKo took place in 2016 after the merger of BPI Direct and Globe BanKo. The main goal – maintaining maximum availability through mobile platform and provide maximum microfinance services. To access via a phone, you must login to the Mobile Banking App.
We cooperate with many payment systems for the convenience of users. For example, PayMaya, Swift.
If you are an entrepreneur and have connected an online payment with PayMaya to your site, then for your convenience, depositing money through BPI Online Banking is free.
Swift is international money transfers. We allow you to transfer money from our site. However, it should be remembered that to maintaining the highest level of security, the Bank of the Philippine Island charges fees. Exchange rates are published on the Foreign Exchange Rates page in the public domain, you do not need to login into your personal account.
Besides Swift, the Bank of the Philippine Island uses codes for global payments. The FEDWIRE routing number, also known as the ABA routing number, will always be used for transfers to US registered banks.
Financial statement on the bank’s activities, you can always get it on the Financial Statement page.
If you are interested in a career at BPI, if you want to become a part of our team, understand the specifics of the bank’s work and are ready for a successful career – write to us.

BPI online banking

Company makes on-line banking easy and secure. BPI online services allow you to make transactions on a universal single sign-on platform.
To avoid registration problems (the shared account indicator is invalid) related to on-line platform registration, please observe the following rules:
– The ATM card that you want to register with the BPI online platform must be in your name.
– JAI – Joint Account Indicator – two-digit number in the lower right corner of your ATM card.
How can I enroll in BPI online banking?
Company makes it easy to get real-time information about your finances. Find out how to enroll with the BPI online platform on the website.
If you have problems with registration due to Joint Account Indicator, if the Joint Account Indicator is not found, then it is possible to enter any two-digit number for registration.
System that allows you to make your payments and transfers electronically in the most secure way – is BPI ExpressLink and ExpressOnline. Our customers could make online payments to Dragonpay-accredited merchants using their BPI ExpressOnline Internet Banking.

What is Elink BPI payment system?

Elink is a platform for corporate clients offers a financial management solutions for business from cash and payments to accounts, requests for deposit accounts and transactions, and cash management services such as payroll, tax payments.
Now we have expanded BPI online services, if you are an active and active ExpressLink user, then you will automatically be “transferred” to BPI BizLink.
BizLink is a new digital service for corporate clients, it offers a financial management solutions to meet your needs – from your balance and transaction requests, payroll and bill payment services to cash management.
Is it possible to transfer funds to e-wallets? Yes, it is possible to transfer money from your acct to your GCash wallet in the mode real time! You just need to link your On-line Banking acct to your GCash wallet.

To automate bill payments you need to register a biller. Next, you need to register a phone or plastic, and then clarify the SMART Biller Code, which is assigned to partner companies. In order to find out the SMART Biller Code, you should go to the corresponding page of the site.
Also one of the digital services is BPI-Philam insurance. You can get acquainted with this service on the customer portal – ePlan.
This is a partnership between two financial industry giants BPI + Philam, committed to helping you stay afloat in difficult situations and ensuring financial security.


Our partnership is designed to protect Filipinos with simple products. We have fixed problems with payments and registration. With ePlan, you can access your insurance policy online.
What is ePlan? ePlan is BPI-Philam’s on-line customer portal. Life is a gift from God that must be protected. so be prepared for the unexpected with BPI-Philam’s insurance policy.
BPI Trade is a site that allows clients to place orders on the Philippine Stock Exchange – the premier trading platform.

BPI Asset Management investment

Today all money managed by Asset Management are investment management funds. Be attentive! These funds are not deposit products and are not PDIC insured. Any gain or loss arising from volatility in the price of shares held by the Fund is charged to the investor.
BPI Asset Management and Trust is regulated by BSP. For any questions regarding our services, you can call the hotline (02) 88910000 or toll free telephone, or write to email bpi_asset_management@bpi.com.ph.
Unit Investment Trust Fund or UITF is a pooled peso-denominated trust fund, which is operated by a subsidiary trust organization. UITF is used in accordance with the Fund Plan Rules.
All users can track the value of stocks and foreign currencies on our website. NAVpU data daily update – net asset value per unit.
AMTC manages over 580 billion pesos in assets. We are trusted by both individual and institutional investors. We offer a complete set of investment solutions, which can be found in the Investment Academy section, where you can find out the difference between NAVPU and NAVPS.


Bloomberg is another service that we use for the benefit of our customers. Bloomberg connects persons who makes important decisions with a network of information, analytical data around the world.
If you are interested in currency exchange, then use Forex. With our Forex solutions, you can meet your needs and those of your loved ones abroad. Forex consultations can be obtained by email or by phone numbers indicated on this page.
The BPI mobile application can be downloaded from the official website by selecting the required application for your device. Checking the status of your payments using the verification Status Report is performed in a couple of clicks.
As you can see, a huge number of official Internet platforms allow our clients to fully use banking services remotely. However, if you need to visit our office, please use the Branch- advisory. Go to the Branch advisory page and select the office closest to you.
Make an appointment at the office. How to set your appointment in BPI? It’s easy – Log in to your account, then follow the instructions. For questions about working with the BPI expressonline platform, please contact email.

BPI types of loan

The bank offers 5 types of loans: Housing, Ka-Negosyo, Auto and Personal loans, BPI Business loan. Of all types of credits, only Personal loan is not secured – it’s meaning without collateral. Other loans are secured. For example, a secured Housing loan means that the purchased property remains pledged by the bank until the credit is repaid. And this type of lend is provided also for OFW. The maximum amount is limited to 2 000 000 PHP. BPI Personal loan requirements: Filipino is at least 21 years old and lives or works within 30 km of any BPI branch.
The requirements for an OFW loan BPI are similar to the BPI Personal loan requirements. OFW must provide 2 IDs and documents with proof of employment and income. All requirements for OFW loan BPI are presented in the section.
We are proud to be able to offer our clients the lowest interest rate on all loans. For clients who have taken out a Housing or Auto loan, we offer the Step Up PayPlan program, where the amount of payments can be adjusted. At the beginning of the credit repayment period, the monthly payment can be 10% less than the usual amortization payment.

Auto loan can be applied to purchase Repossessed Cars. This can be a good purchase, since car is put up for sale not because of wear and tear and the necessary expensive repairs, but because of financial problems by the copyright holder. And their prices are lower than those of TRADE IN. A car bought from a private person can be mortgaged and the seller can hide this fact. By purchasing Repossessed Cars at buenamano.ph. you are insured against such fraud.
Housing loan can be borrowed to purchase Foreclosed Properties. To do this, go to the website and select a home for sale in the foreclosed properties magazine. Prices for such homes may be lower than on the market.

BPI business loan

Our managers can help you design loan packages for a wide variety of businesses, be it a corporation or an SME. Business loan BPI was created to finance the following: purchase / renovation of commercial real estate, purchase of equipment, increase in working capital. Business loan BPI can be approved such as a fixed amount and as a Credit line.

BPI loan calculator

For the convenience of customers, our website has a calculator that can be used to calculate monthly payments. To do this, you need to enter the interest rate, credit amount and credit term.

Find the nearest branch to apply for a loan

Since bank branches are located on all major islands of the Philippines, you will certainly find the nearest branch. All major cities and shopping centers are equipped with BPI ATMs: Quezon, metro Manila, Benguet, Pasig, Cebu, Alabang, Iloilo, Trinoma, Baguio, as well as large business and shopping centers – Shangrila Plaza, Rockwell Center, North Greenhills Branch, Fairview Terraces are part of the Ayala Malls group, BGC Branch in JY Campos Centre. On this page you can find the branches where loans are issued, opening hours, and a toll free number and telephone.

BPI credit card

Our financial institution issues cards: credit, debit or prepaid. All credit cards have a limit on the funds that you can use when needed. All that is required is either to withdraw cash (if it is permissible by agreement), or to pay for the product or service directly by non-cash method.

Credit cards

Program – Real Thrills Rewards – allows you to earn Rewards and purchase goods and services from Rewards through Thrills by promo actions and using any of your BPIExpress eligible credit cards. With BPIExpress card you will receive discounts at hotels and airports. Follow to the site to see all promo actions.
These service packages depend on the income and preferences of the borrower. For example:

  • Blue Mastercard has requirements for the borrower – MIN annual income of 180000 pesos. And as a bonus, Blue Mastercard provides travel insurance for 2 million pesos as a gift.
  • The Family Savings Credit Card also requires an income of at least 180000 pesos, and as a bonus, a free service for first year.
  • Amore Visa is intended for those who like shopping in the Ayala Mall. Shopping precinct Ayala Malls position it as a privilege plastic.
  • Visa Signature Card – perfect for travel enthusiasts with our Signature Rewards. Enjoy travel rewards, services and perks just for you. Open up the world with the Signature Map.
  • Gold Mastercard. This product offers FREE travel insurance up to 10 million pesos as a bonus. Also, in case of emergency, Gold Mastercard allows you to withdraw 100% of the credit limit in cash. 24/7 worldwide assistance is available to cardholders via the 24/7 Global Mastercard number and free BPI Phone Banking service.

Debit or Prepaid Cards

This type of plastic is used for settlements, that is, you cannot withdraw more money than you put into your acct. You do not need to go to pawnshop to transfer money to relatives in another city or abroad.
What are BPI EMV Debit Cards?
Global standard – EMV is guarantees the security of every transaction.
What is the CVV of a BPI Debit Card?
International abbreviation CVV – the 3-digit code mean Card Verification Value in the upper right corner on the back of your card.
The ability to the Balance Inquiry by phone and on the site if you use Amore Visa Prepaid is a significant pros. Also you earn points, using which you can receive AmoRewards.
Another popular BPI debit product is the ePay Mastercard. A distinctive feature of this product is the ability to the Balance Inquiry by phone and on the site, validity period four years. The cost of issuing a BPI ePay Mastercard is 150 pesos.
What are the fees for Account Maintenance and transactions?
Payment for Account Maintenance depends on the currency in which you make payments and where you send transfers. For more information see here.

BPI Family Savings Bank

BFSB is a 100% subsidiary of BPI founded on July 1, 1985. Today there are 162 branches, 17 retail lending offices in all major settlements – Quezon, metro Manila, Benguet, Pasig, Cebu and others. The head office is located: Philippines, Makati, Paseo de Roxas cor Dela Rosa, 109. Bank services:

    • Passbook
    If you prefer the time-tested passbook method. Earning interest and keeping your money in a passbook is a smart way to keep your money secure. Savings accounts in US dollar are available in BFSB branches. The interest rate on USD accounts is the most favorable in the country.
    • Kaya savings
    For easy and convenient savings – Kaya Savings. There is a minimum commission for withdrawal transactions, which will allow you to save more. Now you can save not only on the bottom of withdrawal transactions, but also on account maintenance.
    • Express Teller
    Leverage your finances with Express Teller Savings – daily availability, checking account products.
    • Bizlink
    A profitable and affordable service Bizlink created for entrepreneurs.
    • Maxi Saver
    A savings account on your card. Maxi Saver allows you to increase your funds with an interest rate of 0.5% if you do not withdraw money within a month. Maxi Saver is a unique offer of Family Savings Bank.
    • Time deposit in US dollar. The most stable income thanks to the stable USD exchange rate.
    Would you like to know about the rates on term deposits? Then follow the link to the section.

BPI deposit

Time Deposit Accounts:

  • Automatic Renewal
  • Grow your Foreign Funds

The minimum amount of BPI term deposit is 50000 PHP. The term of your deposit is automatically renewed, so you can get a higher income. Interest rates on USD -denominated time deposits are 0.05% APR.

BPI contact number and branches me near

To find “me near” offices use Branch Locator which can be found on the website and 24×7 and on the Banking Zones page.
By going to Branch Locator, you will make sure that ATMs are present in all major settlements and you will find the nearest branch in: Quezon, metro Manila, Benguet, Pasig, Cebu, Alabang, Iloilo, Trinoma, Baguio, as well as in large business and shopping centers – Shangrila Plaza, Rockwell Center, North Greenhills Branch, Fairview Terraces are part of the Ayala Malls group, BGC Branch in JY Campos Centre. Conduct branch banking – even outside office hours.
Simply head to BPI’s 24/7 banking area anytime to pay slip, top up, transfer funds, check your balance and more. These areas have a BPI ATM and on-line banking kiosk and are always open!
Also, using your location on google map, you can easily find BPI EXPRESS ASSIST machine nearby. Then follow the instructions pay slip, invoices by machine BEA.
If you are a client of an our financial institution and are abroad, then call globe Toll-Free Numbers to resolve your issues. Go to the website page where you can see hotline, Toll Free telephone for your country.


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