In 2005, Kiva began its activities as crowdfunding and is constantly improving. It is a P2P platform where creditors are lending money to a specific person.
P2P platform helps borrowers in 80 countries on all continents. The head office in San Francisco, but has offices around the world. However, 96.7% of the invested funds are returned to creditors and the risks of not repaying the loan are not excluded.

What is the purpose of Kiva?

Kiva’s main goal is financial services to people who cannot prove their capacity to pay at banks and credit organizations. As a result, they cannot get out of the circle of poverty, start their own business or get an education. And although this P2P platform does not take additional interest rates from borrowers, its representatives – field micro-financial organizations charge interest from borrowers to cover the cost of servicing the loan.
Since this P2P platform is located in the United States, she can finance the citizens of this country directly, without field financial groups, so loans at 0% are possible only for US citizens.
Regardless to whom the creditor lends money he will receive 96.7% of the invested funds. Therefore, this p2p platform brings together like-minded people who seek to help other people. The minimum amount of donations is $ 25, but the lender can make a large amount at his discretion.
In addition to all these devotees, P2P platform cannot reach so many people and influence without a huge network of field partners who work directly with borrowers in different countries.

Who are Field Partners?

The bulk of field partners are microfinance organizations. There are also NGOs and social enterprises. They are all United by the desire to make the lives of people better through access to credit. Field partners do responsible and important work – they check borrowers, send loan applications to Kiva for financing, distribute loans locally and collect payments.
Field Partners in the Philippines:

  • SEED Center Philippines gives loans to Borrowers at interest rate: 18.8% per year
  • Community Economic Ventures gives loans to Borrowers at interest rate: 40% per year
  • Gata Daku MPC gives loans to Borrowers at interest rate: 10% per year
  • Paglaum MPC gives loans to Borrowers at interest rate: 11.2% per year

4 000 – 150 000 PHP
Up to 36 months

Interest rate
1,58%-3% per month


1 000 – 50 000 PHP
Up to 36 months

Interest rate
1,5%-3,3% per month


1 000 – 500 000 PHP
Up to 60 months

Interest rate
1,25%-3,5% per month


1 000 – 100 000 PHP
Up to 60 months

Interest rate
1,15%-2,5% per month


Loan Calculator

Monthly payment
₱ 888.49
Total overpayment
₱ 661.85
₱ 10661.85

How does Kiva raise funds?
Most donations come from private investors online. In second place are corporate donations. Next come grants and donations offline.

How to get a soft loan from Kiva in the Philippines?

1. The borrower applies for a loan on the Kiva website.
2. After you fill out the application, a member of the Kiva team will write you to understand your business and its features and ask any further questions. The loan goes through a process of verification and approval.
3. If your application is approved, then you will need to demonstrate your creditworthiness (using social underwriting).
4. Fundraising begins. Lenders lend loans in increments of 25 dollars.
5. Fundraising is complete! The money is provided by Kiva to support lenders.
6. The borrower repays the credit.
7. Creditors obtain payments over time based on a repayment schedule.

Why is Kiva relevant?

Kiva lenders provide loans of an average of $ 2.5 million each week, creating a renewable pool of funds that makes financial services available around the world. In Kiva, 1530180 loans were funded. The table below shows these loans and their interest rates.

Number of loans Interest rate (APR)
150,615 0%
5,570 0.5-10%
152,926 10.5-20%
387,677 20.5-30%
334,205 30.5-40%
330,354 40.5-50%
116,154 50.5-60%
51,026 60.5% +
1,653 No interest rate listed
1,530,180 Total

When a Kiva loan allows someone to create opportunities and expanding their business, this creates opportunities for others. This ripple effect will continue to shape the future for the entire community.


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